September Favorites 2016

september favorites

Ugh, I’ve been in a funk again. I never remember to take blog pictures, and when I do have the time I just can’t get off the couch. I had planned to do SO much this weekend, and I did about 20% of it. Luckily I could order some of the stuff I needed on the internet, and then it was Columbus Day so I got another day to catch up! I didn’t really take advantage of the extra day and just did laundry. Boring, BUT LOOK I TOOK BLOG PICTURES. September Favorites!! I’ve been wearing most of the same stuff everyday so it’s a light favorites month. Ok here we go.

beterre scar serum

Beterre Scar Serum

I love all the new Beterre products I’ve been trying, but I’ve been getting the most use out of the scar serum. I’ve got a bad scar on my ankle from a shaving incident a few months ago, so I’m trying to make it fade. I don’t think it’ll ever really go away completely, but I love using the scar serum to help it along. It’s in a rollerball so it’s easy to apply and dries quickly. Hopefully a few more months of use will fade the scar even more.

glo minerals cream shadow

Glo Minerals Cream Stay Shadow Stick in Keepsake

After buying the By Terry Ombre Blackstar, I knew I would need it in more colors, but the price is SO high. Glo Minerals has come to the rescue with a new cream shadow stick that is half the price and just as good. All the colors go on smooth and stay all day. You can easily wear them together, alone, or with shadows. I love the color Keepsake because it’s a wearable, everyday, shimmery brown.

pur cosmetics lip gloss

Pur Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Silhouette

This lip gloss came with the Pur Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2 palette, and it was my favorite thing about the whole palette. The lip gloss is the most wearable ‘my lips but better’ mauve pink. It’s very glossy and not to sheer. It’s going to live in my hand bag this fall! I have to look into more of their colors because I love the formula.

stila liquid liner

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

An oldie but a goodie! I can’t believe how long this liner is lasting me. I go through phases with liner. No liner, only pencil liner, only liquid liner…every few months I’ll switch it up. I love the Stila liner because it really does stay all day. The thin brush lets me get a really thin line along my lash line. I’m not very good at applying liquid liner, but if I’m patient this always looks good!

glo theraputics light moisture

Glo Therapeutics Cyto-Luxe Light Moisture

I recently went of the birth control pill, and September was the month I really started to notice some changes. I had some minor breakouts, nothing to write home about, but my skin did get REALLY oily. It hadn’t been like that since high school! My skincare drawer is full of hydrating products, but instead I was needing the opposite. Luckily, I had this amazing Glo Therapeutics lotion on hand. Light Moisture gives my skin the moisture it needs, but it is light on the skin, perfect for oily skin. I now use this day and night and have been feeling less oily half way through the day.




3 thoughts on “September Favorites 2016

  1. I always have a mental plan to do SO much on weekends and usually I get about half of it done… I always end up watching YouTube videos 😛
    The scar serum sounds promising – what are the active ingredients?

  2. I liked the Glo-Therapeutics Cyto-Luxe Light Moisturizer too for summer. I’m also loving their toner. And yes, that PUR gloss from the Selfie 2 palette is a winner. Love that shade!

  3. I love that the product for helping fade scars is in a rollerball! That’s awesome!!! I am OBSESSED with the By Terry products, so that GloMinerals might be exactly what I should be looking into because the By Terry products can kill a budget really fast! Just realized I wasn’t following your FB for your blog and I have no idea why I didn’t realize that sooner! Just followed!

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