PUR Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2

pur love your selfie

A new make up palette is a beautiful thing. I love trying out all the shades together and seeing what kind of looks I can get together. I haven’t been wearing a lot of make up lately, mostly because of the hot weather. Receiving this palette reinvigorated me a little! The Love Your Selfie 2 Palette from PUR has everything you need for a full face of make up. Really, everything! This is going to be a great palette to travel with, especially in the fall and winter.

pur eyeshadow

The PUR Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2 Palette comes with 8 eye shadows, 3 cheek powders, a mini mascara, a lipstick and a lip gloss. All you need is your base products and you’re good to go. The palette has an overall fall color scheme, but could easily be worked to look great year round.

The palette itself is a light weight cardboard. Maybe not the most durable, but it wouldn’t way you down if you’re traveling, and fits in well with my other palette storage.

pur cosmetics

Here is a quick overview of the palette. It comes with the PUR Fully Charged Mascara, a lip pencil in Focal Point, lip gloss in Silhouette, 8 eye shadows and 3 cheeks products. The eye shades come in a variety of matte to shimmer, dark to light. The cheeks products include a highlight, blush and bronzer.  pur lip stick swatch

PUR Lip Pencil in Focal Point (Top)

This shade is just so perfect for fall! It’s a dark rosey nude that goes so well with the colors in the palette. The pencil glides on smooth and lasts really well throughout the day with just a few touch ups.

PUR Lip Gloss in Silhouette (Bottom)

I think the lip gloss is my favorite thing in this whole palette! The rosey shade is so me. It’s very similar to a shade I have from Maybelline. This color also works really well with the palette, but is a little lighter, better for day time. They look great together also! pur love your selfie 2 swatch

From left to right: Head shot, Statuesque,  Panorama, Abstract, Pose, Sketch, Megapixel, Paparazzi

For the eye shadows, I found the formula to be quite powdery. I think the pigmentation varies, and looks better swatched here than on my eyes. Lucky for me, I don’t like my shadow to be TOO pigmented, I like a light look for work. I wish the shade Statuesque was more pigmented to blend out looks better.

My favorite shade is Abstract, because I will always love a shimmery purple grey shade. I like the variety this palette offers, which again is great for traveling and you want to do a number of different looks.

pur cosmetics

From left to right: Overexposed, Photogenic, Composition

Overexposed is a nice everyday highlight. It just adds that little bit of glow without being too sparkly. I found Photogenic to be way to frosty and peach for me. I really prefer a more mauve blush, I feel like this doesn’t go well with the lip shades. Composition is a bit patchy and orange for me, but with the right touch I can get it to look nice and warm up the skin.

pur love your selfie 2

The Love Your Selfie 2 Palette costs $42 and you can get it from Ulta. I think that price is a little high for not having the best quality powders. I love the lip colors and will definitely use them a ton! It’s nice to have a mini of a mascara I already like, but the palette will last a lot longer than the mascara will, would have been better off with a liner or another lip product.




6 thoughts on “PUR Cosmetics Love Your Selfie 2

  1. This would make a fantastic travel palette – everything in its place! Too bad they’re not the best quality – I hate it when powder swatch better than how they apply on the eyes.

  2. I have this palette and I love it for travel or when I’m on the go! The products are my absolute fave in the palette. It’s a bummer that the powders weren’t as great as you wanted them to be though…

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