August Empties 2016

august empties

Slowly, slowly catching up on blog posts. Here’s to hoping I get my Favorites up tomorrow, and then I should be feeling much more caught up! I thought my August Empties would be bigger, but I still had a use or two left in a few products when I picked them up this morning. Good sign I’ll have something to post about for September Empties then! I’ve gotten to a point where it seems I actually really like 90% of the products I use, which means I’m sad to see all these products go when I finish them! I have some shopping I need to do.

reviva labs alpha lipoic acid

Reviva Labs Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and DMAE Cream

I used this Reviva Labs cream as my night cream most days because it was light weight but still hydrated my skin. With all the serums and potions I put on my face, I like to use a simple night cream, that way everything else can do its job too. The Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and DMAE Cream kept my skin flake free and looking healthy. I have a lot of other lotions to use up, but I would definitely repurchase this in the future.

derma e evenly radiant

Derma E Evenly Radiant Brightening Day Cream

Weird how I finished two creams in one month! From Derma E, this is the day cream I was using. I love a day cream with built in SPF so I don’t have to worry about using a foundation with SPF, or having to apply two different creams. I found the texture of this to be on the sticky side, which made my face just feel a little off. Other than that, it was a fine product, no complaints really. I need a new day cream now, no idea what to get…

giovanni detox system

Giovanni D:tox System Purifying Facial Cleanser

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Giovanni products, they just all seem to get the job done so well. When it comes to cleansers, the boyfriend and I tend to share one since it takes up less space in the bathroom. I tend to get congested pores and blackheads, he tends to get more noticeable acne on his cheeks. The activated charcoal based Purifying Cleanser is a great product for us to share. It makes my skin feel clean without drying it out, and gets off extra make up my cleansing oil missed. I’ve got another charcoal based cleanser on back up, but would repurchase this if I was making a Giovanni order.

michael todd skin defender

Michael Todd Skin Defender Facial Cleanser

Oh weird, I also finished two cleansers. What a month for skincare. I used the Michael Todd Skin Defender as my shower cleanser. Whether I was showering in the morning or evening, I’d pump a little into my hands to wash away any excess oil. I really, really, liked this cleanser, like I do most Michael Todd products. It made my skin feel so, so clean, plus a wonderful citrusy scent! Michael Todd is a little expensive for me, but they are always having sales so I’ll have to pick up some new products soon.


3 thoughts on “August Empties 2016

  1. Good to know that the Reviva Labs cream is good. I’ve only tried their misting toners which are really nice. I’ve been wanting to try other items from the brand.
    How did you manage to finish up TWO facial cleansers in a month! šŸ˜†

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