July Empties 2016

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Shhhhh I know it’s almost September!! I was um, a little busy during the last few weeks, and I never got around to taking pictures for this post. Even though my August Empties will be up any day now, for continuity sake I thought I’d throw this up real quick. Then you can expect a July/August or ‘Summer’ favorites post in a few days as well! I’m pretty sure my August Empties is going to be good too, so this way it’s not overkill!

giovanni shower gel

Giovanni Grapefruit Sky Body Wash

So I love pretty much anything grapefruit, except, not straight grapefruit. Weird right? Grapefruit drinks, snacks and scents are great, but I’ll never eat a raw grapefruit. Anyway. The scent of this grapefruit body wash from Giovanni is A-FREAKING-MAZING. Like, I want to live inside this bottle. It’s super fresh and sweet, I never got tired of it. I really want to try more Giovanni body washes and lotions because they do scents so well!

Vitacost Biotin 1,000mcg 

While yes this is a vitamin, I wanted to add it to my empties because I was taking it for beauty purposes. Biotin is a vitamin that helps support nail and hair growth. I have very weak nails and my hair gets brittle fast, so I thought I’d try a vitamin supplement to see if it helped. I don’t think the 1,000mcg did much for me, but I just uped it to 10,000mcg, which will hopefully make a difference!tarte gifted mascara

Tarte Gifted Mascara

I some how ended up testing 3 mascaras at one time, which is way too much mascara for two eyeballs. I had picked up the Tarte Gifted mascara during a Tarte sale, and was happy to get to try a higher end, green mascara at a better price. First off, I love the packaging, it just looks so nice on my make up table. Second, this is the best mascara I’ve used in a while for comfortable, soft, everyday lashes. I find mascara usually feels sticky and heavy on my lashes. A few swipes of Gifted was perfect for my low make up work days.

Andalou Naturals Brightening Serum

I’m a huge fan of Andalou Naturals, which you’d know if you read here often. They just have really great products at a really great price. I tried the Brightening Serum out because I loved the Clarifying Serum. I’d say I love the clarifying one more, but this one still has its perks. I love how the serum dries down quick, so I can go in with a moisturizer. It doesn’t feel that heavy or sticky as long as I don’t apply too much. I use a lot of brightening products, but some acne scars I had did go away fast!





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