Mitch Stone Session Spray

mitch stone session spray

When I was a kid, up until age 18, I was a dancer at my local dance studio. Once a year we had our big recital, and I was always in a ton of numbers. It was required we all french braid our hair, which my mom painfully (for me) did every year. Then came the hairspray. Layers and layers of hairspray until my usually frizzy hair was flat as pancake and hard as rock. So lets just say I know a thing or two about hairspray! When Mitch Stone contacted me to try out one of their products, I pretty quickly settled on the Session Spray because I was long overdue for a new hairspray.

mitch stone session spray

Mitch Stone Session Spray

Having a good hairspray on hand is a must for anyone who styles their hair or lives in a humid climate. I don’t use hot tools on my hair too much, but I do style my hair with curling cream most days, and live in the usually humid East Coast. I like to spray the top off my head to reduce frizz, and spray a bit on the bulk of my hair to keep it the way I styled.

I’ve been using the Mitch Stone Session Spray the past few weeks, and I must say, it’s been working great…through three heat waves!

mitch stone session spray

Mitch Stone offers two hairsprays. The Set In Stone Spray is firm hold, and this one, the Session Spray, is a natural hold. I love this for everyday because my hair doesn’t feel too stiff, crunchy, or rock hard. A light spritz, and my hair stays in place but looks natural.

I sometimes notice hairsprays have strong scents that linger all day long. A huge pet peeve of mine! The Session Spray has a bit of a scent, but I never notice it after it dries. Love! That way my perfume can stand out.

The aerosol can applies evenly and not too heavy. I forgot how much I love aerosol sprays, they really have better application than a regular spray.

mitch stone session spray

There are so many hairsprays out there, it can be hard to filter through them all. I’m loving the Session Spray for everyday use because it doesn’t make my hair feel dry and stiff. (Except on the first day where I over applied by a lot!) If you’re looking for a hairspray that keeps your hair in place but still have movement, this could be a great pick for you!






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