New Years Resolution Update 2016

Outdoor beer gardens!

Every January I post my New Years Resolutions for year here on my blog! I like posting what my goals for the year are, partly to force myself to hold them, and to inspire others! I honestly completely forgot what my goals were for 2016. When I went back to look I was a little surprised…I think I made too many resolutions, making it hard to actually keep them. There are a few I’m doing a good job with though! Keep reading!

1. Just keep blogging, just keep blogging.

Well, YES, I have been blogging, but that’s kind of it. I’m posting the same amount, the same type of stuff, not really making any changes. I am now going to try to post more lifestyle and food stuff because I haven’t been buying any make up or skincare.

We had a snow storm in January causing the city to shut down for FOUR days!

2. Find another hobby.

Yup, haven’t done that AT ALL. What’s a good hobby? I have no idea.

We got a cat this year!!!

3. Buy myself some nice things.

I have bought myself some nice things, a new wallet, a new perfume, a fancy pair of shoes. I’d like to get some more nice clothing though. I want to change my style a bit, simplify things. I’m moving soon so I have to focus on furniture and homewares, but come fall it’s all about me again.

Weekends with my favorite pups.

4. Read more non fiction.

This I have done! I have read a ton of nonfiction this year and plan to read a lot more. I actually have a post coming up with some of my favorite nonfiction books. I love reading nonfiction because you can learn while you read!

Kisses at my brother’s wedding!

5. Walk more.

I found out my mom walks 16,000+ steps a day, I’m lucky if I hit 5,000. I’m definitely going to work on this goal because it’s so important to walk and get exercise. There is no gym in my neighborhood, so if I can at least get some walking in I’ll be in better shape.

6. Go more places.

Well, I guess I’ve done this. My boyfriend and I go out to the same restaurants a lot, but we like them!! Whenever we try going somewhere new it’s too hard to get too, too crowded, too expensive. We know what we like. Tonight we’re going somewhere new for dinner, so wish us luck!


One thought on “New Years Resolution Update 2016

  1. I don’t like going to new places to eat either. You never know what to expect! And there is nothing worse than forking over $50 for an okay meal :-/

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