Apartment Decor Inspiration

apartment decor inspiration

I’m moving in a month and a half, which means of course all I can think about it new stuff to buy for the apartment! I’ve just started to purge some items, and am looking forward to getting rid of some of my older furniture. Our new apartment is much nicer and shinier, so I want nice shiny stuff to go in it! I’ve got a concept in mind, and lots of ideas! I’ve been pinning lots of stuff I want to get on Pinterest, so come follow me there!

Saltbak Rug, Ikea $149

I keep seeing this rug on Ikea, and I just LOVE the colors. I know I want a lot of neutrals, but I love the pink and blue as accents. It’s a good price for a big rug, and will help break up the entirely hardwood floor apartment. It’s not that soft or anything, but I don’t plan to lay on the floor!

Viktigt Stool, Ikea $29

I need a new stool/chair for my make up table, as I’m getting rid of the set I have. I want something really simple and light that I can tuck under my vanity and be out of sight. I love the wicker seat on this stool because it’s neutral but adds texture.


Tower Bathroom Cart, Urban Outfitters, $69

The bathroom in the new place is a decent size, but I’m still concerned about storage because…well I’m a beauty blogger! I want to be able to store all of my skincare in the bathroom, but also have to find room for toilet paper, towels, boyfriend’s things, other nonsense…If it turns out there isn’t enough storage, I love this little cart because it’s thin.

Chelsea Victoria For DENY Marble Duvet Cover, Urban Outfitters, $129

I like the duvet I have now from Ikea, but it’s getting a little worn out, and Ikea doesn’t make it anymore. I love marble things, and thought this marble duvet just looked so cool. I showed it to my boyfriend though, and he says it looks like blue cheese. Hm….

Wood Circle Wall Shelf, Urban Outfitters, $129

I’m also concerned about storage in the kitchen, I’ve got a lot of stuff! My boyfriend had a great idea to put our coffee mugs on a decorative shelf (we collect mugs from places we’ve been). This cool shelf could fit a number of mugs. This one is kind of expensive for a shelf, but I’m keeping my eye out for something like this.


Sanela Cushion Cover, Ikea $8

I love pink. What can I say. I love the idea of blue and pink as accents, but the boyfriend didn’t like the idea of pink. I saw this raspberry pillow at Ikea, and thought maybe this could work as an alternative. It’s such a juicy color!


Gemini Coffee Table, Wayfair $103

I really need a better coffee table, the one I have now it so small. I love the white with brown accents on this modern looking piece. The big drawers would be great to store remotes, ipads, and all my manicure supplies (since I always do my nails on the couch!)


4 Section Laundry Sorter, Wayfair $44

It’s weird how excited I am to organize my laundry. For the first time we’ll have our own washer and dryer, so I can do laundry ALL THE TIME!!! My plan is to hide our laundry in the closet, but I want it to stay organized. I love this cart because it fits exactly what I need. I can use the four bins for darks, lights, colors, and towels/linens. I can either just pick up a bag and bring it over to the washer, or roll the whole thing over if I’m doing multiple loads.








7 thoughts on “Apartment Decor Inspiration

  1. Oooh I love that rug! Will have to check out Ikea. Really great picks! I always forget about Urban Outfitters – I really should pay them a visit soon!

  2. You have such great taste! I love the style you have going… the duvet, circle shelf, and coffee table are my favorites. Great picks and congrats on the new place! 🙂

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