Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

acure cell stimulating facial mask I am definitely a huge fan of facial masks. Whenever my skin is doing something I’m unhappy with, it’s always a mask that saves the day. I love browsing Vitacost for new masks to try, and recently noticed this one from Acure. The words ‘cell stimulating’ sound a bit weird for a mask, but I love trying new things. I’ve been wanting to learn more about what Acure has to offer, and for a good price I figured why not start here.

acure cell stimulating mask

Work over your cells with the power of Moroccan argan stem cells and chlorella, a true synergy of rejuvenation. French green clay draws out impurities while Moroccan argan oil and CoQ10 provide moisture.

I love clay based masks that draw out impurities, but find they can dry out my skin. The Cell Stimulating Mask from Acure is perfect for my skin because it draws out impurities but also provides moisture! When I use this mask, my skin feels baby soft afterward, and only needs a light moisturizer as a follow up.

acure mask

This mask is a gross green color. BUT that also shows me it’s really packed with natural ingredients. This color really screams nature. I apply the mask all over my face and let dry for about 15 minutes, maybe more if I get distracted. It doesn’t get too hard where you can’t move your face, but does dry down.

The only thing I haven’t been loving about this mask is the washing off process. When it combines with water it gets slippery and soapy. I find it hard to get off, and large soap bubbles form that feel unlike any other skincare item I have. Mixed with water, it honestly feels pretty gross. It would be much easier to wash off in the shower, but I rarely take showers at night, which is when I use this.

acure facial mask

I use this mask every week or so on days where my skin looks like it needs a good cleaning. I’ll wash my face to open up the pores, and apply a thin layer. Afterword I follow up with some toner and moisturizer. It helps my already larger pores appear smaller and cleaner, which is always what I’m looking for!





7 thoughts on “Acure Cell Stimulating Facial Mask

  1. I love this mask! My thoughts on it are the same as yours though. I won’t use it unless I’m about to take a shower cause it really is a pain in the butt to wash it off otherwise. The best advise I can give you if you’re trying to wash it off without taking a shower would be to wipe the majority off with a warm towel before you go into wash. It’ll save your back the ache of bending for so long while you rinse it off, lol.

  2. I just used a green mask the other night that just came in my June ipsy bag: clariSea Sea Salt mask. I don’t usually use kaolin/charcoal masks because they’re too drying but it’s summer so I took a chance. The one I used was powder that you mix with a little water. I liked it, and it was easy to remove.

  3. Thanks for such a great article. While I like masks–esp the peel-off kind, because they’re so much fun, I don’t like ones that are super drying. The Acure sounds like it’s gentle and great for your skin. It’s now on my try it out list.


  4. I bought this mask a few weeks ago and when I tried it, I noticed a huge difference immediately. I was surprised, because I’d never had that happen with any other brand before. I even got compliments on my skin from two different strangers- a woman in the elevator and a store clerk. The same thing happened the second time I used it, so now it’s in regular rotation. I love it!

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