Marcelle Golden Glow BB Cream

marcelle golden glow

If I actually purchase a full size of a product I’ve tried a sample of, it’s sort of a miracle. It’s near impossible to tell if a product really works with just a few uses of a sample, but sometimes, miracles do happen! After using up a sample tube of the Marcelle Golden Glow BB Cream, I knew I was going to need more! Right off the bat, I loved the coverage, the creaminess, and the glow it gave my skin. I had some points to spend in the Birchbox shop so I picked up a full tube just in time for summer!

marcelle golden glowThe Golden Glow BB Cream from Marcelle is an illuminating skin enhancer packed with skin loving ingredients in a universal shade. It evens out the skins tone and provides a beautiful healthy glow.

I could see some people not liking that this only comes in one shade. It’s a pretty middle of the road color, so I think it’d work for a lot of people unless you’re very pale or very dark. For me, it’s the perfect color, especially when I’ve got a bit of a tan. The product blends into my skin without feeling heavy or sticky. It’s a bit thicker than other BB creams I’ve tried, but I find that helps with coverage.

There is definite glow to this product, so if you’re someone who prefers matte skin, you don’t want this!! The first day I used it I set it with my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. Bad idea. Too much glow. Instead, just a light weight matte powder on top is perfect.

marcelle bb cream

Most days during the week, I like to keep my make up light at work. Some BB cream, mineral powder, blush and a little mascara is really all I need. The Marcelle BB Cream has been the perfect addition to my make up routine! My skin looks so healthy and even when I use it, even when I’ve got blemishes. It also helps me look more awake when in reality I’m uber tired.

marcelle bb cream

In this picture you can really see that this glows and has shimmer. I think it definitely needs a bit of powder over top so as to not look like a disco ball or greasy. I love that there is shimmer though because that’s what makes the skin look so glowy and healthy!

Also, I love the packaging! The pump makes it easy to only squeeze out a little bit at a time. No risk of squeezing out too much. I apply either with my hands or a buffing brush, depending on how lazy I’m feeling. If you use your hands, remember to wash them after or you’ll have shiny hands all day.

marcelle bb cream

While definitely not for those with oily skin, I really love this product! The creamy coverage is perfect for everyday and the glow makes the skin look so fresh and healthy. Marcelle makes some other BB and CC Creams that now I really want to try!!




8 thoughts on “Marcelle Golden Glow BB Cream

  1. This looks great! The shimmer is subtle so it doesn’t look like a disco ball! 😛 I do like Marcelle skin products – I have their CC cream and the BB compact, both really easy to use and wears nicely.

  2. It sounds great. I’ve been curious about this brand. Unfortunately, the single shade BBs don’t work for me unless they’re self-adjusting and even that’s dicey. Glad you found a good match

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