In A Funk

Been wearing very simple make up lately…to tired for much else.


My blogging schedule has been completely out of wack for about a month or so. I got a little busy with last minute preparations for my brother’s wedding, and I fell behind in scheduling blog posts. Then I just…never really got back into the swing of things. Partly I just didn’t have anything to blog about. Any idea I had just felt like a stretch, and I hadn’t gotten any new products. I found myself sitting in front of a blank screen just staring…with no words coming to mind. I decided it was best to just not publish anything if I didn’t have anything to say. I’m in a funk. And I need to get out of it.

Avocado and toast makes sleepy morning a bit better.

Just when I was thinking, maybe blogging isn’t for me anymore, I got an awesome package in the mail from Derma E, and remembered how awesome blogging can be. The more effort I put in, the more I get back. The thing is, I really need to start getting some MONEY back. Blogging is an expensive hobby, and I just don’t have the funds to make it what I really want it to be. I’m trying to find ways to produce even a little bit of income, but nothing seems to be panning out.

Income or not, I want to start talking about more than just beauty here. I’m not 100% sure WHAT I want to talk about, but I’m going to start messing around with some ideas. I’m moving soon, so hopefully my new apartment will offer up some home decor posts, and if the lighting is better I can do food posts too!


My favorite face, just want to snuggle with him 24/7

Maybe it’s just allergies or something, but I’ve been so tired lately. I wake up thinking I’m getting a sore throat, but then it goes away…Half way through the work day I just want to be in pajamas…Ugh. It’s hard to put words together when I’m tired too, so that’s making blogging harder.

Alright, I’m not even sure what I’m posting here. I just felt like I needed to get something up, so I might as well explain why I haven’t been posting. Hoping to get some pictures taken tomorrow. Maybe a new batch of photos will get my fingers typing.

Here’s to sleeping in tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “In A Funk

  1. Sleeping in to me means 7 o’clock. My lovely 5 month old son won’t give me more than that. Still two hours more than what I get during the work week. 🙂 I can relate to feeling tired. I’m finally getting some energy back.

  2. Sometimes you just need a break. As for the funding, I definitely agree with you there. I’m in the same boat with my blog and YouTube channel esp now that my husband and I are expecting our second son in August. Try investigating posts from other bloggers that you enjoy that aren’t review orientated. This way you’re not spending loads of money 🙂

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