My First Gel Manicure


For my brother’s wedding I got my first gel manicure! I love painting my nails and switching up the color every week so I never bothered to try out gel before. Because we still had a lot to do the day before and of the wedding, I opted for a gel manicure to make sure it lasted till the ceremony and through the night. I thought I’d write a quick post about how it went, and more importantly how the removal went….


Day 1:

My dress for the wedding was a deep amethyst purple. I knew I wanted a neutral color as to not clash with the dress. I loved this light pink shade from Essie because it was just a bit of color and shine. I wish the color had been just a bit more pink, as you can see it’s practically the color of my nails!

I was SO amazed at how quick the application process was. It literally dries in 60 seconds! It is also SO shiny. Leaving the salon, I was in shock with how amazing my nails looked and that I could do anything and they wouldn’t get messed up.

Within minutes of arriving home, my mom asked me to take the stickers off 20 plants, which would have destroyed my nails normally. The gel made my weak nails so strong!


Day 8:

Can you believe this picture is day EIGHT!! My nails were still so shiny and looking like I’d just walked out of a salon. The only thing I really noticed was that my nails were looking a bit dirty at the tips. I tried cleaning them but it didn’t seem to do much. While the nails still looked great, I admittedly was getting bored of the color. By this point I would have normally changed my nail color.


Day 16:

I had been told gel manicures lasted up to two weeks. I had to go a few days after the 2 week mark because I didn’t have time to remove them and wanted to wait till the weekend. At this point, I could barely stand to look at my nails! I felt the tips were starting to look gross, and little yellow. There was definitely some tip wear, and one nail broke a bit so I had to file it.


The thing that bothered me most was my cuticles. My nails had grown out during those two weeks, and so much of my nail was showing now! It was interesting to see how much my nails grew in two weeks, but it looked so bad!


Now, the removal process. I read a bunch of things online for tips on how to remove the gel polish. First step, file off the top layer of polish. Luckily I had a random file around that is very gritty. It worked great for this! I filed away all the shiny bits. It looked terrible.


Next step, take pure acetone and soak a cotton ball. Place the ball on the nail and wrap with foil so it stays put and doesn’t dry out. I left these beauties on for about 40 minutes. I thought it wouldn’t take that long, but oh boy did it.

After about half an hour I took them off to see how it was going. I used a scraper tool thing I had to scrape some of the polish off. Then I put the cotton balls on again to finish off.

Even after the 40 mins, there was definitely still some of the base coat left, but I figured who cares. I applied lots of oils and creams over the next few days to hydrate my cuticles.

While I loved how it looked for a week or so, I’m not sure I’d do it again any time soon. It’s great for holidays, vacations or weddings, but for everyday I prefer a regular manicure since it’s easier to get off and I can change it whenever I want.


12 thoughts on “My First Gel Manicure

  1. Gels are great for a vacation or special event where you want your polish to last for awhile, but I’d miss changing out the color. Plus the removal is such a pain!

  2. I like the fact that gel polish lasts chip free for so long, and I think for a wedding or event where your nails must look their best, it’s terrific. I won’t do gel manis anymore, however, because I’m concerned about the UV exposure but even more, it’s not worth it to me to damage my nails during the removal process.

  3. I love getting gel manicures! I work a lot on computers so all of the typing destroys my normal manicures. I’m so glad you had such a positive experience, but I agree the removal process is the worst.

  4. Great job! If you get bored of the colour, use a normal nail polish over the top. You can then remove it again whenever you want and your lovely gels will still be in perfect condition underneath.

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