Vita Liberata Self Tanning Tinted Mousse

vita liberata self tanning mousse

Summer time is upon us! For awhile, it felt like spring was never even coming here in Philly, but the weather has finally warmed up, and there was actually some sunshine! When I first received the Self Tanning Tinted Mousse from Vita Liberata, I was no where near ready to start fake tanning for the season. Once May hit I decided being a bit tanner was exactly what I needed. I’ve now tried out the tanning mousse a few times and am ready to give my report!

vita liberata self tanning mousse

The only self tanner I had used before was the Sun Labs tanner, which is in cream form. I’d heard lots about the St. Tropez mousse tanner, so I was excited to try a mousse option. Vita Liberata really are the fake tanning experts. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from them, so I had full trust this product was going to be great. I tried it out a few times before my brother’s wedding, as I obviously wanted to be tan for that!

Before applying, I popped in the shower. I washed my face and body, shaved, and scrubbed everywhere, putting extra effort on the rougher parts of my skin. My smooth skin was now ready for tanner! I’d never used a tanning mitt before, and now I can’t tan without it. I applied two pumps and got to work on one leg. The mousse applies smoothly over the skin and sinks in quick. The mitt allows me to cover a large area at a time, apply evenly, and buff out the edges.

vita liberata self tanning mousse

I continued on, applying about 1-2 pumps for every part of the body. One pump goes further than I thought it would, I felt like I didn’t use too much product. I had my boyfriend do my back to ensure it was even, such a good helper. I did apply to my face as well to see how it reacted.

After applying everywhere and checking in the mirror for even application, I put on a loose pair of shorts and a shirt. Within a few hours I was in bed. The best part about the Vita Liberata mousse, that I noticed right away, was that it didn’t smell strong, and it dried super quick. While there definitely was a smell, it was manageable.

vita liberata self tanning mousse

The next day, I showered it off and was left with a BEAUTIFUL tan! It wasn’t too dark, just gave me a beautiful glow like I’d spent a bit of time in the sun. I was so surprised with how natural the results were. I’d say it lasted about 3 days looking great, and by the 4th day I noticed it starting to fade. After a week, it was starting to look blotchy around the areas that get a bit more wear and tear…and sweat.

Overall, I was really happy with this product. It was super easy to apply, looked natural, and best of all, didn’t smell gross. I’m happy with it lasting 4-7 days, as what could one really expect? I proceeded to apply it once a week for a few weeks and was very happy. This past weekend I finally got a real sun tan though, so I won’t be needing it for awhile.



6 thoughts on “Vita Liberata Self Tanning Tinted Mousse

  1. I’ve heard of this brand before but I can’t remember where. I’ve always considered fake tanning, but it seems like so much effort. That’s great that it wears as expected though!

  2. I am quite sure it works just as described, but what about that feeling when you have to paint yourself mechanically quite often? I prefer to enjoy tanning while having fun which means getting it under the sun. In cloudy days i have no other options than sunbeds, therefore this might have a go on me, thanks for sharing!

    1. You should never ever ever use sunbeds! They are like the #1 cause of skin cancer. As is spending too much time in the sun. I like using a fake tanner because I can look tan and not damage my skin.

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