Matte Eye Shadow Spotlight

favorite matte shadows

When it comes to eye shadow, I’m definitely a big lover of metallic, shimmery shades, but some days, I just need to go matte. If I’m wearing a bold lip, or just going to work, I like to keep the eyes simple with some matte shades and little eyeliner. I’ve brought out some of my favorite matte shadows and palettes to share with you today. They are all great shades that can work will into anyone’s make up collection!

tarte eyeshadow, urban decay naked

Tarte Be MATTEnificent Eye Shadow Palette

Spoiler alter, this exact palette isn’t actually available anymore, but this very similar one is! Tarte is an awesome brand, and I really need to try more of their products because the shadows in here are great. I love the soft, pinkish shades for super simple looks, but I can smoke it out with the dark purple, black and brown. The shadows blend super smoothly to create easy looks.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

I think everyone should have the Naked Basics palette because it is the perfect supplement to every eye shadow. You can take one single shadow, and turn it into a multitude of looks with this baby! One of the shades has some shimmer, but all the others are matte. The range of color means you always have the perfect shade. You can even make really pretty looks just using the shades in the palette.

naked basics swatch

Left Three: Tarte, Right Three: Urban Decay

colour pop matte shadow

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow in Bill

I finally bought some Colour Pop shadows, and my life will never be the same again. I picked up a super shimmery one and a matte one to compare the formulas. First off, they are the creamiest things you’ll ever see or feel. I love the formula SO much! I picked up the shade Bill because it looked like a great neutral that had some color too it but wouldn’t be too dark. It’s my new favorite to wear with black liner and a bold lip.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Mono in Little Beige Dress

Sometimes on the weekends I just want a little shadow to throw on my lids, but nothing too high maintenance. Little Beige Dress from L’Oreal is a matte beige, but is different enough from my skin tone that it shows up on the lid. The creamy, gel, powdery formula from L’Oreal is so easy too apply and lasts really well for a drugstore shadow.

Laura Mercier Eye Shadow in Plum Smoke

One of my all time favorites shades is Plum Smoke. Even though it’s purple, it’s so wearable! This is a great way to make a matte shadow a little more fun. I love to just sweep this all over the lid for a quick look. The formula is great, and this single has lasted me a long time without drying out. I really want to the full palette that comes with other pretty purpley shades.

colour pop swatch

Left to Right: Colour Pop Bill, L’Oreal Little Beige Dress, Laura Mercier Plum Smokematte eye shadow


11 thoughts on “Matte Eye Shadow Spotlight

  1. I’m a big fan of matte shadows. I’ve got the Tarte and the UD Basic palettes that you’re featuring. I don’t have many mattes from ColourPop, so I’ll have to see if they still make Bill

  2. I love me a good matte eyeshadow — especially a matte eyeshadow PALETTE! And I don’t have any of these that you mentioned. What! lol, now I know what I need to put on my wishlist! πŸ˜‰

  3. I was surprised to find that I actually prefer the original Naked Basics to the Naked Basics 2. The reason why is exactly as you say, it has something for everything. I’m normally a more cool-toned kinda girl but the Naked Basics just has the perfect mix of everything!

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