A Look Back: Monday Manicures

flower nail art

I was looking back at some old blog posts to see if there was any type of post I could do an update on. While browsing, I came upon many of my old ‘Monday Manicure’ posts. I used to do my nails every Sunday night or Monday morning, and then write a quick blog post about it. This was when I was still in school, didn’t have a full time job, and had lots and lots of time on my hands. These days I just do my nails when I get around to it, which is much less often. Looking back at these posts made me nostalgic though, and impressed with some of my nail art!

red nails julep

This red from Julep looks especially appealing, so bright and shiny. I definitely need to do my nails red again soon, pretty sure I still have this polish!


When I had the time, I was really obsessed with doing flower and polka dot nail art. I literally LOVE how these look, and really want to recreate it sometime soon!

flower nails

Another flower manicure, I love all the colors I used here! There are like 7 different nail polishes being used here…I’m crazy.

purple nails

I love the look of glitter nails, but hate taking it off. Instead, I use the glitter just on two fingers as an accent. It’s a little more wearable this way, and easier to get off.


Man I remember this gold glitter being impossible to get off. I really need to do a glitter mani soon though, this just looks so cute!

While I’m not doing my nails as often, or doing much interesting nail art, I do still like to post whatever manicure I have up on my Instagram page, so go follow me there!


8 thoughts on “A Look Back: Monday Manicures

  1. Beautiful nails! I love the little dot-flowers — so cute! I need to put flowers on my nails next time. I typically like to put one in the corner of my ring finger. Gives the whole manicure a special touch 🙂

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