Cult Make Up Items

cult make up

Between YouTube, blogs, Instagram and magazines, there is A LOT of information about beauty products out there. Sometimes it hard to not get sucked into the hype and buy whatever it is people are talking about. That’s what happened with these cult make up items. I just had to have them. When you start seeing something every time you look at your phone, it just becomes harder and harder to say no! Some are more worth the hype than others, but for the most part, you should probably just go buy them all too 🙂

  tarte gifted mascara

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

I think every YouTuber I watched at the time raved about the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush when it first launched. I picked one up from Ulta, and it quickly became my go to for cream and liquid foundation. Oh, and it’s only $9! I love how dense it is, so it really buffs the foundation into the skin instead of smearing it around. I really need a second one since I used it almost every day.

Tarte Gifted Mascara

I’d say the Tarte mascaras in general seem to be a cult item. They have one for everyone. I decided on the Gifted mascara because I was in the mood for something simple ad everyday. The Gifted mascara is just that. It gives my lashes a little oomph, but nothing over the top. Perfect for the work day and washes off easily!

colour pop frida

Frida Lippie Pencil in Frida

When I decided I really needed to make a Colour Pop order, I did lots of searching on Google Images. The shade Frida for the Lippie Pencil and Lippie Stix showed up A LOT. Then when I went over to YouTube to hear some reviews, Frida kept showing up again! I’m not surprised, it’s a wearable, pinky mauve shade. Who wouldn’t like it? I love how the pencil performs all over the lip. I think I need it in the Lippie Stix too so I can layer them up!

By Terry Ombre BlackStar in Misty Rock

I finally caved and bought the most beautiful, long lasting, easy to blend cream shadow I’ve ever seen. The Ombre BlackStar from By Terry is a cream shadow stick that just screams luxury. Luckily, they are totally worth the $44 price tag. I picked the shade Misty Rock, a sparkly purple shade, that is actually very wearable. I love wearing it, but don’t want to use it up too fast!

hourglass ambient lighting powder

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light

Honestly, does anyone NOT have one of the Ambient Lighting Powders from Hourglass? It took me awhile to decide what shade I wanted, but I went with Dim Light. I love applying this lightly over mineral foundation or liquid foundation. I think it just adds a bit of a healthy look to the skin without being overly shimmery. They are quite expensive, but I only use a little, and there is actually a lot of product in the pan!

Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten

I think Stila Kitten eye shadow might be the ultimate cult beauty product. And it is well worth the praise. I don’t wear it super often, but when I do, I always think it’s just the best eye shadow ever. The color is a light, shimmery champagne, that looks good on every skin tone with every lipstick. I feel like it makes my whole face look more awake. I’m thinking about using it for a wedding I’m in soon, but smoked out a bit!

best essie nail polish

Essie Nail Polishes (Chinchilly and Play Date shown here)

Essie is the ultimate nail polish brand. They have every color imaginable, are a great price, can be found in so many stores, and come in adorable, simple packaging. I have way too many Essie polishes, and have a hard time saying no to more. The shade Chinchilly is a quite possibly the most popular nail polish ever. It’s a ‘greige’ shade that everyone really needs to own. I also through the shade Play Date in here because it happens to be my current favorite!

favorite make up

What’s an item you just had to have after seeing it everywhere? Next on my list is the Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua foundation…


11 thoughts on “Cult Make Up Items

  1. The By Terry Ombre BlackStar cream shadow looks gorgeous! I try not to fall into hype but I do have to say that the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal is really beautiful – the formula is so buttery, definitely a worthy cult product!

  2. The RT brushes are truly one of the best brushes in my brush collection. The fact that they’re inexpensive but have great quality, was a go for me! I am a mascara junkie & I will definitely be looking into the Tarte mascara. As far as Hourglass goes, their blushes & highlights are gorgeous! But I haven’t brung myself to purchase one as yet. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can look into some products. Great blog btw! I definitely will be subscribing.

  3. Great post! Cult products are so intriguing to me. Take the Laura Mercier powder for instance- I tried it because everyone else was, and yes it’s good, but maybe a cheaper alternative I’ve never heard of is better! I have that same RT brush as well but I use mine for contouring 🙂 xo J

  4. I’m so guilty of falling for the hype of products and launches. haha. I loved everything you featured but the Frida Lippie Pencil in Frida stood out to me. I’ve never heard of that product and it looks like something I’d love. Thanks for sharing.

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