March Empties 2016

march empties

Happy Monday! I’m exhausted. Went to bed late, cat woke me up, Monday in general…ugh. Well at least I managed to take pictures of my empties the other day so I can do a post! I’ve got lots to share with you this month, which is the best feeling. I was surprised how much I actually finished, and am excited to get to use some new things now.

  boots botanics micellar waterBatiste Dry Shampoo

So I’m pretty sure everyone was ranting and raving about Batiste Dry Shampoo for awhile, so I bought some. I didn’t like it at all! It made my hair feel MORE dirty, and had this overwhelming scent all day long. My hair doesn’t really benefit from dry shampoo, but there were a few times it was helpful. I don’t think I’ll repurchase any kind of dry shampoo for now.

Boots Botanics Micellar Cleansing Solution

The world of Micellar water is still new to me, but I’m enjoying it. I always use a cleansing oil to remove my make up, but I like to go in with a second cleanse, mostly on days where I’ve worn any long wearing make up. Micellar water is perfect for that, and so so easy. This micellar from Boots was fine, I’d repurchase if I saw it at Target since it isn’t too expensive.

kiss my face shave cream

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave

I just mentioned this shaving cream in my ‘Boring Side of Beauty‘ post. Shaving cream is shaving cream, but I DID really like this one from Kiss My Face. The thick cream doesn’t wash off too quickly, so you have time to actually shave. It gave me smooth legs and underarms with no irritation. The light smell is refreshing but not overwhelming. I’ve since purchased the Dr. Bronner’s shave gel on a recommendation, but will definitely repurchase this sometime!

alba botanica good and clean

Alba Botanica Good & Clean Pore Purifying Mini Peel

I love face masks, and would have a million more if I had the storage space. I liked this purifying mask from Alba Botanica because it was quick and easy. I’d apply a thin layer over my face, and quickly feel some tingling. After 5-10 minutes I’d wash off, and it easily came off, unlike some masks. This was good when I felt I need some more intense skin therapy, but really didn’t have the time. I probably won’t repurchase, just because there are so many others out there to try.

covergirl lash blast

Covergirl Lash Blash Volume Mascara

I know for sure I need another tube of this, after all, it did change my life. No mascara has ever worked as well for me as this. Right now I’m using a mascara from Tarte and it just isn’t cutting it! This gave my impossible to curl lashes actual curl that actually lasted! Happy to have found something that works for me, now I just need to go buy another tube!

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Daredevil

I got this small tube of a BareMinerals lip gloss in a Birchbox or Ipsy bag. I actually hated it a first, but then it grew on me. It’s very sticky, but that makes it last longer on the lips. The product had a strong scent, but it did fade. I loved the berry color, especially in the fall and winter. I love little tube of lip gloss because you can actually use them up!

giovannia ultra moist

Giovanni Ultra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner

I finally found a shampoo and conditioner that work really well with my hair, and lucky for me they aren’t too expensive! I have hair that is somewhere between curly and wavy. I need product that are really moisturizing to keep the curls bouncy and frizz free. It can be hard to control with humidity and such, but for the most part I was much happier with my hair while using the Giovanni Ultra Moist Shampoo and Conditioner. They kept my hair hydrated, but not weighed down or greasy. I sort of hate washing my hair, but these babies made it a little less painful!


7 thoughts on “March Empties 2016

  1. As I mentioned in your other post, I wish I had remembered to buy the KMF Moisture Shave instead of the Skintimates that I picked up, but I will at some point. I didn’t know that Boots made a Micellar Water and I just bought a bottle of Garnier, but I’ll try that out some time in the future too. You used up a lot of full size products this month. Great job!

  2. Well done on finishing those makeup products! Dry shampoo is hit-and-miss. I love the brunette version by Oscar Blandi but the “clear” version – though it claims to be colourless – makes me feel dirty.

  3. Maybe it was the specific “flavor” of Batiste that you bought that was the problem, because I’m like you in that it’s incredibly rare that I find a dry shampoo that doesn’t just make my hair feel more dirty, and the original Batiste is one of the few that does make a difference for me!

  4. That CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara is my HG mascara too. It’s just amazing!
    I didn’t like the Batist dry shampoo either – have you tried COLAB? I really like that one and it doesn’t make my hair feel like straw.
    Great list of empties!

  5. I’m trying my hardest to use up that AB mask right now. I agree that it’s easy to use and quick to wash off, I just wish I saw more results! I do like to use it on days when I know my face needs something but I’m in a rush, though!

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