L’Oreal Infallible® Matte-Matic Liner

Infallible® Matte-Matic Liner

I’ve got another L’Oreal review for you today from their new launches for Spring 2016. The new Matte-Matic liner has been my go to since I received them. I’ve some how ended up with a number of liners in my collection, but these stand out among the rest. Easy to use, don’t need to be sharpened, and all day color. Oh, and they are from the drugstore, so they are super affordable!

drugstore eyeliner

The L’Oreal Matte-Matic liner comes in 4 colors; black, brown, navy and charcoal. I have three swatched for you today, but I do actually also have the brown. The packaging is a simple black tube with a top that matches the color inside. The product twists up and doesn’t need to be sharpened.

I tend to wear liner most days, but don’t like it to be too obvious. Just a little something to accent the eyes and make my lash line more prominent. I love the neutral shades of these colors, plus the pigmentation is on point!

loreal matte matic swatch

I love twist up liners because I don’t have to worry about sharpening them. The liner is quite thin, so it’s easy to get the thin line I’m going for. The colors are quite matte, which I didn’t even realize was a look I really loved!

The formula isn’t super creamy, or super dry. It’s somewhere in between. I wish it was just a little bit more creamy, I think application would be easier. I don’t like liners that are TOO creamy though, because it’s hard to control application.

I haven’t had any issues with transferring, smudging, or irritating my eyes. I usually have problems with smudging, but the matte formula really stick to the lid and stays! Unlike some other long wear liners though, it is actually easy to get off.

loreal eyeliner

I think I need to clear out my liner collection, and just stick to the four shades available from the Matte-Matic line. They cover all my eye liner needs! Plus, I am now in love with Navy liner, never thought I’d like that!


5 thoughts on “L’Oreal Infallible® Matte-Matic Liner

  1. These remind me of a liner that I just purchased by Maybelline, I can’t remember the name but it’s pink and it’s a very skinny liner that you can just twist up instead of sharpening. The problem I had with that one is that it’s so creamy. Maybe this one I would like since you say it’s somewhere in the middle! The pigmentation looks great!!!

  2. These are seriously pigmented! The navy one looks especially pretty. I have to overhaul my liner collection, too.

  3. I’m using the L’Oreal Infallible Gel Liner in Graphite right now, and I love it. I love the swatches you did. The gray and navy are calling my name!

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