Make Up Storage and Product Clear Out

make up storageFor awhile my make up organization was just a mess. Nothing had a specific place, and I was constantly moving things around. I had some stuff on my vanity, and other stuff on the other side of the room in an organizer. It was about time I got everything into one place. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I used some of what I already had and bought a few new bits as well. In the process I also managed to get rid of a few bits of make up, which can be so hard to do!

make up storage

When I first moved into this apartment 18 months ago I knew I wanted an acrylic wall rack for my nail polish. I got this from Amazon, and it fits about 100 nail polishes. I love being able to see them all out and organized. It’s easier to decide what color I want to wear!  make up storage

My vanity is actually a laptop desk from Ikea. I needed something narrow for my tiny bedroom. It fits perfectly in the spot I need it. On top, I have a few make up organizers, jar, cans, and a mirror.

This first organizer is from Target. It has a few tools (tweezers, spooly, curlers) and my eyebrow and lash products. The small drawer holds cream shadows. The middle section holds powders of all kinds. On the right is my primers!

Behind that are two Ikea canisters that hold my make up brushes as well as a few setting sprays.

make up storage

The next, larger organizer I just picked up from Amazon. I wanted something bigger, but these acrylic organizers can be expensive! On the top it holds 12 lipsticks. Behind that is my Naked Basics palette since I reach for it often. On the left side I have my foundations and concealers as well as way too many eyeliners.

The top two drawers are half drawers. On one side is cream shadow sticks and some sample eyeliners. On the right is contour/highlight products.

The middle drawer holds eye shadow singles. I was surprised about how many I could fit even though the drawer seemed small. The bottom drawer is blushes.

make up storage

Next is lippie central. I have a 12 lipstick holder and two jars. One jar holds lip glosses and lip pencils/crayons. The second jar hold the lipsticks I’ve worn recently. I put them there to force me to wear something different the next day. I’m trying to make sure I’m actually using my collection!

make up storage

This desk has a little shelf which is where I keep my palettes. I like this little shelf because I can see through the clear glass top what is in there. I tend to forget to reach for my palettes, but at least I can see them!

getting rid of make up

While trying to make my make up fit, I managed to convince myself to get rid of a few items. I’m hoping to move in August, and I’ll do another clear out then.

Most of the lip items are just old, and I wasn’t loving them much anyway.

The small Bobbi Brown palette was a 500 point perk from Sephora and is dried out now, though I loved it!

The MAC blush is getting dried out, and doesn’t show up well on the cheeks. The Body Shop Bronzer broke… 😦

make up storage


4 thoughts on “Make Up Storage and Product Clear Out

  1. Wow! though your vanity is simple, I love how organize they are dear! and I love your makeup and nail polish collection!!!! they look amazing!!!!!

    love lots,

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