Boring Side of Beauty

everyday beauty essentials

Not everything can be bright red lips, glowing highlighters, or volumizing mascara. Some things in our beauty arsenals can be a bit boring, but we need them! Shaving creams and deodorant’s aren’t exciting, but we use them everyday and really are just as if not more important than those perfect palettes and creamy concealers we aren’t always reaching for. Today I’m sharing with you the more boring side, but totally necessary side of beauty.

weleda skin food

Weleda Skin Food Hand Cream

Hand cream is my best friend at work, and the Weleda Skin Food is the best I’ve tried. It keeps my hands hydrated but isn’t sticky or greasy AT ALL. It’s thick so you have to work it in, but after that you’re good to go with moisturized hands. I’ve gotta pick up another tube to keep by my nightstand!

natural deodorant

Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Deodorant

Maybe…2 years ago? I started experimenting with more natural deodorants. It can be a scary world to dive into, but I found that has been working well. I’m already on my second tube of the Kiss My Face Liquid Rock Deodorant. I was using a different one for awhile, but it just wasn’t cutting it.The product rolls on easily and dries pretty fast. It’s not going to keep you smell free if you’re working out, but for everyday it works just as well as conventional deodorant.

necessary beauty items

Kiss My Face Moisture Shave

Also from Kiss My Face, my trusty, never ending bottle of shaving cream. I have had this for SO long and think I might finally be running low. First off the green tea & bamboo scent reminds me of Aveda products, which I love. I just pump some into my hand and rub on my legs. It’s pretty thick so it doesn’t immediately start washing off. I’ve had no problems with the product at all, and prefer it over the usual foaming, fruit scented creams.

Giovanni Grapefruit Sky Body Wash

I’ve said it before, I love the smell of grapefruit! Especially in a body wash! Body wash is like the most important part of the morning for me. I love having something delicious and invigorating to smell in the shower. I love the sweet by tangy scent of this one from Giovanni. It gets the job done, nothing fancy. It’s really all about the smell for me on this one!

Giovanni Raspberry Winter Body Lotion

Another delicious smelling product, raspberry is my second favorite scent! When it comes to lotion, I usually apply it in the morning, so I want it to sink in quick (so I can get dressed!) The Giovanni lotion is light weight so it sinks in, but does still hydrate my skin. I’ll apply a little on the arms too so I have the slight scent of raspberry.


13 thoughts on “Boring Side of Beauty

  1. Oh heck, I keep forgetting to buy the KMF Moisture Shave, and I just bought something else! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I really like the idea for this post! People don’t really get excited over things like deodorant, but it’s important, and we all need it! Thanks for sharing your product recommendations with us! I like Kiss My Face’s sunscreen, so I’d like to try some more of their stuff.

  3. Haha, may be the boring side — but it’s totally necessary! 😉 I’ve never heard of that deodorant, but I’ve been wanting to use natural deodorants. I’ll have to look into that one!

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