L’Oreal Colour Riche® Eyeshadows

loreal eye shadow

Well if one thing is for sure, I’ll never need to buy eye shadow again. But I totally will. At least not for a little while. L’Oreal has some newish eye shadow singles out, and I have a lot of them. (Thank you L’Oreal!) These are part of the Spring 2016 collection. I’ve tested out a few shades now, and it’s time to talk about these affordable little babies. I’m never going to wear some of the darker, bluer shades, but I did test one out for application purposes. I was excited to see what L’Oreal had to offer in terms of eye shadow because I’d heard some not so good talk about recent drugstore eye launches. Alright lets just get into it!

loreal colour riche monos

The L’Oreal Colour Riche Eyeshadow singles come in 15 shades ranging from light to dark, shimmery to matte, nude to teal! Everyone can find a shade they love here.

They retail for $5.99 (or $4.99 at Target!) a pop, and come is simple black plastic packaging. I think it’s exactly what you’d expect from a drugstore single.

I think the first thing I really need to talk about is the formula. It’s different. L’Oreal calls it a ‘gel to powder formula’ which I guess is was it is, it’s just something I’ve never heard. To the touch, it feels creamy, or gel like. But when you hit it with a brush it has fall out like a powder! On application it feels somewhere in between. Very soft and moveable, but not completely like a powder…

Whatever it is, I do like the formula, it’s just not 100% there yet. Drugstore eye shadows tend to have problems in the pigmentation department. I think the gel aspect of these helps with that, but it can be hard to get even application since it’s a bit slippery. Lighter, more neutral shades are easier to work with than darker shades.

drugstore eye shadows

L’Oreal suggests using your finger, I’ve tried both my finger and a dense flat brush. I found both to work fine, the brush just creates a bit of powder in the pan. I guess like most darker shades, you get a little more noticeable fall out with the dark colors.

loreal monos

Left to Right: Little Beige Dress, Sunset Seine, Cafe Au Lait, Pain Au Chocolat, Violet Beaute, Meet Me in Paris

Color wise, I love that there is a huge range. The neutral matte shades are great basics, while the more shimmery ones are right up my alley. I don’t really need a second deep blue or any teal in my collection, but for those that like color you have the option.

I found the wear pretty decent, and was actually surprised. I think they stay better with a primer. The matte shades didn’t crease as much, the shimmery shades did a bit.

loreal make up

Okay as I type, I realize these are kind of all over the place. I’d give them an above average grade for the drugstore, but just an average grade for eye shadows overall.

If you’re a make up junkie, why not spend six bucks and try one out to see what these are about. They probably work better for people with drier lids and aren’t expecting their make up to last 15 hours.


3 thoughts on “L’Oreal Colour Riche® Eyeshadows

  1. You picked such nice colours! 😍 and yes, I know those moments too when I think that I won’t buy a *insert product type here* for a while, and then bam! I bought another one week after lol

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