Where I Buy My Beauty


We can’t talk about a new beauty product everyday. Although I wish I could. I’m trying to not buy anything I don’t need right now, as I enter the 6 month phase of trying to finish things before I move again. Alas, I find myself a tad short on content sometimes. Instead of talking about the latest beauty launch, I thought I’d switch gears a little and talk about WHERE I buy my beauty products, and why those places!

sephora 5th avenue

Sephora (Online and In Stores)

I know Sephora is the most obvious place to buy beauty products, so I’m not going to linger too long. I try to not shop at Sephora too often since it is quite expensive, but it is for sure my go to place for certain brands. I like that they have a rewards program, even if it is small. In my opinion it is the most trustworthy place to buy beauty products.


Ulta (Usually In Store)

Ulta was the first big beauty store I ever went too. When a big new one opened in Philly I started going more often. I tend to do a lot of browsing here, but not as much buying. They do have good deals, so I keep an eye out for those. I mostly love that they have high end AND drugstore in one shop, so I can compare and contrast items and prices more easily. Also, it’s always less crowded than Sephora, so sometimes it’s just easier to go to Ulta!

birchbox shop

Birchbox Shop (Online)

I canceled my Birchbox subscription awhile ago, but I still use it for the Birchbox Shop. I’m a huge fan of reward systems, and they have a great one! The points do expire though, which I sadly only recently realized. There are a few brands Ulta and Sephora don’t sell. Rather than buying straight from the company, I usually purchase from Birchbox if available. There are also tons of reviews if you’re unsure if you want something.


Vitacost.com (Online)

Vitacost has become my #1 place to buy skincare in the last year or so. They have tons of amazing, cruelty free, green beauty brands, all at great prices. Items are always cheaper here than anywhere else. With free shipping on orders over $49 I know I never have to pay any extra! I also buy snacks and stuff here, great 1 stop shopping. You can get $10 off your first purchase of $30.

Straight from the seller when discounts are available!

I only buy straight from the companies website when there is a REALLY good sale going on. Michael Todd tends to have sales often, and Tarte seems to always have something going on too. I always add stuff to my cart to realize the discount isn’t as good as I realized, or the shipping is too much. Since companies don’t tend to have any kind of points system or free shipping, I only shop when I get a really good discount!

I don’t buy much drugstore make up anymore, otherwise CVS would be on this list!


4 thoughts on “Where I Buy My Beauty

  1. I love this topic! There are tons of things you can write about without buying anything, though. You could share sample reviews and if you’ll buy the full sized product, you could compare similar products you own, you could do seasonal favorites (I’d love to read about your favorite skincare products for Spring) or just create a wishlist!

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