L’Oreal Infallible® Pro-Matte Gloss

matte lip gloss

Sometimes I surprise myself. I end up falling in love with products I’d never would of thought I’d like! L’Oreal graciously sent me some of their newer releases, one of which is the Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss. Coming in 10 shades, I have 5 to share with you today, along with a full review on the product. I haven’t been buying much drugstore make up lately, but it turns out I’ve totally been missing out! These ‘high impact color’ glosses have a ‘velvet matte finish’ and ‘all day comfort’. Keep reading to see some swatches and hear more about them!

Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss

At first glance, ‘high impact’ is right. Even in the tubes, you can tell these glosses are going to pack a punch. I’m usually a nude lip or tinted balm wearing person, but there are definitely days you NEED to have a bold lip. With the L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Glosses in my collection, those days will be coming more often.

Each gloss comes in a square, clear, plastic tube with a matte black top. The applicator is a wide, triangle shape, that covers the lips easily, and the point is perfect for the corners and cupids bow.

loreal lip stick Too apply, I swipe a thin layer all over the lip, being extra careful around the corners and cupid’s bow. The gloss goes on quite shiny, and does turn more matte as it dries, but to truly get the matte effect I blot with a tissue. This gets the excess off, leaving a velvet matte look.

The product lasts quite long on the lip, but not forever. I apply once in the morning, with maybe a touch up if I’m drinking water/tea. Then after lunch I do another application. I find it does adhere well to the lip, but doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. They do stain a bit, but nothing major.

They have a pretty strong fruity scent, but I don’t hate it. I prefer unscented, but I find it doesn’t linger at all.

Overall, these are quite similar to the Revlon HD Matte lip glosses that came out a few months ago. I prefer the scent of these, so that’s a plus. Other than that, almost the exact same thing really. loreal pro matte gloss

Rouge Envy– My FAVORITE of the bunch. A bright, raspberry red, love love love.

Forbidden Kiss– A dark berry shade, different than I usually wear but love it!

Shanghai ScarletI think I found my perfect red.

Rebel Rose– A bit too pink for me, has to be the right look.

Fuchsia Amnesia– Barbie pink. Never wearing it.

loreal make up

I really love the look of two of the more neutral shades in the bunch, but do I really need more nude lip colors? Maybe. In the mean time, I’m loving these, I really am! I’ve been wearing bold lips more often now, it’s so fun to change up my look!


5 thoughts on “L’Oreal Infallible® Pro-Matte Gloss

  1. Nice swatches, they look so pretty on your skintone! I found the scent a bit too much for me, but maybe I’ll give it another chance since you mention it doesn’t linger… Thanks for a nice review!

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