Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

facepaint by lisa eldridge

Last week I finished reading the new book by make up artist Lisa Eldridge called Face Paint: The Story of Make up. I’m a huge Lisa Eldridge fan, and when I heard she was working on a book, I knew I’d be buying it. She’s not only beautiful, but smart and well spoken, so I had high hopes. I’ve taken art history and costume history courses, so I was excited to learn about make up history and how it fits into what I already know about make up and fashion. It was easy to pick and put down and was full of awesome pictures!

facepaint by lisa eldridge

The first section of the book covers color, red, white and black, to be exact. I loved how she set the book up in terms of themes as apposed to a straight time line. I think it kept the book easier to understand, and less dense. White refers mostly to face powder, red to lips and blush, and black to kohl and mascara. All the basics! It is crazy some of the stuff they used to put in make up, and the weird ways they figured out how to make this stuff!  facepaint by lisa eldridge

The second part of the books covers make up topics, like the items we all carry in our make up bags, or how make up is portrayed in the media. I loved learning about how some make up came to be popular, like colored eye shadow or the modern mascara tube. Also the way make up used to be advertised compared to the way it is today provided some beautiful imagery.

facepaint by lisa eldridge

After each chapter there are ‘make up muses’. These are short blurbs on famous women in make up history. A few of them I was unfamiliar with, so I learned about some new ladies. I found it most interesting to learn about some of the earlier women who broke make up boundaries.facepaint by lisa eldridge

One of my favorite parts of the book is all the vintage make up packaging thrown into all the chapters. I know Eldridge collects vintage make up, but I’m not sure if 100% of them are from her collection. I love how some of them have changed SO much! Wish some of my products were this cute!

facepaint by lisa eldridge

The vintage ads and magazine covers were also amazing. This cover of Harper’s Bazaar from 1940 is downright AWESOME. I’d love a print of this in my house! The colors are so fun. So many of the ads were so beautiful. I really prefer that over the unrealistic, airbrushed women we see today!

If you’re a make up lover and a history lover too, Face Paint is the book for you!


12 thoughts on “Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge

  1. Tess, I really found your review of Lisa Eldridge’s latest book very helpful. I limit the number of books that I buy coz I actually have run out of room for them. But it sounds like Face Paint is a book that I would really enjoy reading and owning!

  2. How cool! I never gave this book a second thought but now I want to order it. It sounds so interesting. I too am sick of seeing all the airbrushed models and I think it would be really fun to collect antique makeup as well 🙂 Loved the post!

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