Copper Eyeshadows

naked 2

Everyone has that one shade of lipstick, eye shadow or blush, that they seem to have a million dupes for, and just keep buying. For me it’s mauve blush, rose lipsticks, and copper eye shadows. In the past few years I’ve developed quite a love for metallic copper eye colors. I love the color and effect, plus you really only need one shade to look made up. It’s easy peasy.

copper eye shadows

From Left to Right:

Urban Decay Chopper

You all have a Naked palette, right? Well I have the Naked 2, and I use it all the time, but one of my favorite shades is Chopper (along with YDK and Suspect). Chopper is a true copper shade. Not too pink or gold, just straight up copper. I love this formula too, its metallic, but not too mirror like and shiny.

L’Oreal Infallible Amber Rush

I think this is one of those ‘cult’ eye colors, but hasn’t been talked about since its launch. The Infallible eye shadows from L’Oreal are a pressed pigment, and are definitely packed with color. The shade Amber Rush has pinker undertones, which I think looks so pretty with a rosey pink lip! I don’t wear this enough…

Colour Pop Weenie

Colour Pop is new in my life, but it ain’t go anywhere. I am already in love with their formula, and can’t wait to make another order. I told myself to get something unlike any colors I had. I picked Weenie, then it turned out it was totally similar to shades I had already. The formula is super creamy making application and blending a breeze. It’s so soft, it’s hard to believe they are so cheap. The shade Weenie is very foil-y looking, and really makes a statement.

Mica Beauty Bronze

This random shadow was from a Birchbox. I didn’t use it a lot at first, but then realized it’s actually a really beautiful metallic copper shade. The powder formula can be a bit messy, but a little goes a long long way with this product. not good for travel…but I love how it looks with black liner!

copper eye shadows


12 thoughts on “Copper Eyeshadows

  1. Oooooooo I love the look of that colorpop shadow! I still haven’t placed an order yet, but the texture looks and sounds great! Do you find these crease on you at all?

  2. just added you to my lis…
    love your post, that Urban Decay is one of my staples.. thanks for sharing. would love for you to stop by The Poca lounge for some more great beauty tips tricks and cocktails.

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