Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion

gradual tanning lotion

I’ll say it, I love being tan. Always have, always will. I’ve experimented a bit with self tanner, but found it always to be too much hassle. I prefer a natural tan, mostly for the ease. But, as you all know, tanning in the sun isn’t really that good for you…also, it’s impossible to tan outside in the winter! Alas, I must attempt the world of self tanner. I’ve been working with Vita Liberata a lot the past few months, learning more about the self tanning world. Today I bring to you my latest, and maybe easiest attempt yet.

vita liberata gradual tan

The art of self tanner is well…just that, an art. It is not a task to be taken lightly. Streaks, splotches and stained towels make self tanning a hard process unless you’re a seasoned pro. Instead, I’m opting for some simpler options, like the Vita Liberata Self Tanning Gradual Lotion.

I’ve already been using a similar product to tan the face, and am happy to have something for the body that is just as easy. The Self Tanning Gradual Lotion is just what it sounds like. A self tanning lotion that gradual adds color to the skin, instead of showing up right away.

review vita liberata

The product comes as a translucent white cream. There is no color to the product at first, so you can’t see where it has been applied. As I’ll mention more, it doesn’t add a ton of color, so streaks and such aren’t really a problem when you’re applying.

I’ve used this once a week for 3 weeks now to see how it’s been working. At first I thought it did nothing. Then after a second application I forgot to wash my hands, and well, my hands were pretty funky looking the next day.

After my shower, I apply a thin layer (mostly on the neck, chest and arms since my legs are never showing) and let dry and sink into the skin. The product develops over the next 4-8 hours to give the skin a bit of glow. It’d also be great to top off a tan.

It didn’t come across orange at all, and is just a nice, light, warm, natural color. If you’re a bit scared of self tanning, this could be a great starting point.gradual tanning lotion

Along with using the Tanning Moisture Mask, my upper body has a glow to it, but not a full tan. This is great for the winter to keep me from looking too pale. It will also be great as I transition into using darker tanners in the summer. I have a wedding coming up in May I want a tan for, but don’t want to be too obviously fake tanned. This will be perfect for a springy glow that looks natural!


13 thoughts on “Vita Liberata Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion

  1. I’m not a self-tanning person, but I’ve heard nothing but raves about this brand. i’m glad you get the results you’re looking for to maintain that healthy glow in winter.

  2. That sounds like the self-tanning product for me! Self-tanner usually results in disaster in my case, so these days I’m basically stuck with Jergens Natural Glow, which doesn’t always add much of a tan as I would like. I’ll seriously have to check this out! Thanks!

  3. It’s taken awhile for me to learn to embrace my paleness because I am just too lazy for self-tanner. This does sound like a great find so I hope it gives you the results you want!

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