The Balm ‘How ‘Bout Them Apples’ Cheek Palette

the balm

It’s rare that I try a sample of something and actually find I need the real thing. I just try so many products, it’s hard to get around to buying full sizes of them all! In a Birchbox, I got a sample of the shade ‘Pie’ from the How ‘Bout Them Apples? palette from The Balm. I used that sucker up quick, and fell in love with the color and formula. I waited and waited, and The Balm finally became available on Hautelook, so I have the full palette now!

the balm make up

Look at that beauty….

Six, cute, bright, creamy shades, all named after ways we eat apples. The “How ‘Bout Them Apples” palette from The Balm is about the size of a Kindle, and contains 6 colors plus a huge, good quality mirror. All the shades are cream products meant to me used on the cheeks and lips. (I only use it on the cheeks because I don’t want to travel around with a palette).

Each pan of product is about an inch and a half wide. The palette has a magnetic closure, and feels pretty sturdy to me. I probably wouldn’t travel much with it, but I think you’d be okay if you did!

cheek palette

I apply the product with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I think this is the best mode of applying cream blush, but if you have a preferred way, do that! I love the Real Techniques stippling brush, but I think I need to get another, mines getting worn out!

A little goes a long way with this product, so use a light hand. I tap the brush lightly in the product, and stipple on to the cheeks, make sure to blend well. Some colors are more pigmented than others, but all show up beautifully on the cheeks.

I always bring my lip product with me when I leave the house, so I haven’t been using this palette for lips. I wouldn’t want to take the palette with me everywhere I go!

On the cheeks, the cream blush doesn’t feel sticky, like some others I’ve tried. It blends in well, and lasts all day on my cheeks. Using this palette every day for a week or so made me kind of fall in love with cream blush. Powder just isn’t the same now!

Now let’s take a peak at the colors.

how bout them apples

CiderLight, slightly rosey pink. Lightest of the shades, most wearable, everyday, goes with everything shade.

CobblerBright apple red. Applies much sheerer than in pan, but still use a light hand!

the balm

PieReddish bright pink. The shade that I first fell in love with, great for summer with tan skin.

Crisp- Peachy pink with shimmer. Another everyday shade, similar to NARS Orgasm.apples cheek palette

CandyCandy pink. Gives the best ‘just came in from the cold’ cheeks.

Caramel- Pinkish brown. Applies nice than I expected, great neutral when you’ve got a pink or red toned eye look.the balm swatches

L to R: Cider, Cobbler, Pie, Crisp, Candy, Caramel

I really wanted to include cheek swatches, but I kept forgetting to take pictures. Meh. Well, you can get an idea of the shades here. My favorites are Pie, Candy, and Cider. Which I now realize is just the left side of the palette.

blush palette the balm

I look forward to getting more use out of this palette. I love how the shades are all pretty different so you have everything you’d ever need. It’ll be great for travel since I won’t have to pick out blushes to bring. It’s so thin and light weight, plus the huge mirror is a plus when doing make up in unfamiliar territory.

P.S How did I not mention the shirtless dudes on the packaging? Sweaty, shirtless cowboys aren’t really my type, but they ain’t bad to look at.


5 thoughts on “The Balm ‘How ‘Bout Them Apples’ Cheek Palette

  1. I got a sample of Pie from ipsy last year, and like you, I fell in love and bought the palette on Hautelook last year. It’s by far my favorite blush palette especially since I’m a fan of cream blush or cream anything.

  2. They look so cool and I love theBalm products. I literally don’t have a product from them I don’t like. But I’m so clumsy at creamy blushes. Maybe I should practice more, because these shades are gorgeous.

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