Michael Todd Skin Defender Facial Cleanser

michael todd true organics

For this Monday, I’ve got a quick skincare review for you of the cleaner currently in my skincare routine. This is the Michael Todd Skin Defender. I’ve used other cleaners from this brand, but am always looking to try something new, and had heard about this cleanser a few times. I like simple, no nonsense cleansers to remove extra make up and build up.

  michael todd skin defender

The Michael Todd Skin Defender comes in a lavender pump bottle. I use this in my shower, so it’s easy to just pump a little into the hands an continue on my way.

The product is opaque white, and very creamy feeling. I knew right away this was going to be good, because I always have success with creamy cleansers, but this doesn’t feel heavy at all and is actually quite lightweight.

This cleanser is packed with AHA which is a great skincare ingredient that is nourishing and exfoliating. I’m super into chemical exfoliatants these days, so having some in my cleaner saves me a step!

It has a grapefruity smell which is just a tad overpowering for me, since it’s like right next to my nose.

michael todd skin defender

I only use this in the shower in the morning, so I’m not 100% sure how it is at removing make up. When it comes to regular cleansing though, it makes my skin feel so clean and not dried out.

I’d recommend this to all skin types unless you are super super sensitive. It’s a great cleanser for getting the job done!


13 thoughts on “Michael Todd Skin Defender Facial Cleanser

  1. I’ve never tried a cleanser with AHA, but it sounds great! And I’ve heard good things about this cleanser from other women too.

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