January Favorites 2016

january favorites

Happy February everyone! I’ve got a small selection of favorites this month. Didn’t try too many new things, but did discover some definite favorites. I’ve been focusing more on clearing out some of my make up lately. Feels good to start the year with a clean, organized make up collection! My computer is on the fritz, making blogging a little hard, but hopefully I can replace my computer soon! Ok on to the favorites.

colourpop weenie

Bite Matte Creme Lip Crayon in Coulis

I was in the market for a raspberry colored lip stick. I thought it would be a nice variation from red, but not as bright as pink. The shade Coulis is absolutely perfect. I’m so happy I found what I was looking for! The wear on the lip crayons is awesome. It’s a bit drying, so I also pile up the lip balm!

Colour Pop Super Shock Eye Shadow in Weenie

I finally made a Colour Pop order, and I’m so in love.  I was ‘super shocked’ by how creamy and pigmented the shadows were. The shade Weenie is a super metallic copper. I love copper eyeshadow. I’ve worn this a ton recently just by itself with mascara. It does better with a primer underneath, especially if going to be worn all day long.

andalou spot treatment

Andalou Naturals Blemish Vanishing Gel

Ive been having some randomly troublesome skin, which is the worst. I don’t have a lot of acne related products, because I don’t get to many spots. Instead I prefer this spot treatment so I can localize the treatment. I’ll just put a little of the gel on problem areas overnight. By the morning the spots always look better!

Marc Jacobs a Daisy Roller Ball

I’m  in the market for a new perfume, so I am testing some out by purchasing rollerballs. I love the light, floral scent of Daisy. It is easy to wear day or night, and isn’t too powerful. I want to compare some other Marc Jacobs perfumes before settling on what I buy a full size of.

Jack Black Lip Balm 

I know I have mentioned the Jack Black balm before, but this month I swear it saved my life. It finally really got cold in January, which meant dry, dry air. I found myself needing some super lip hydration. I don’t think I’ll ever use a different lip balm again. I fall more in love every time I use it.



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