The Mascara That Changed My Life

covergirl lashblast I’ve been a pretty avid make up wearer since high school, but didn’t get into mascara until college, and didn’t really start wearing it everyday until I started blogging. I’m not sure why I didn’t bother much with it. Probably because I never saw much of a difference, and it was annoying to get off. Well, now that I’m a beauty blogger I’ve tried plenty of mascara, and after about three years, I’ve finally found the perfect one. May I introduce to you the Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Waterproof.

covergirl lashblast

Covergirl makes a lot of mascaras these days, and some of my favorites. I loved the Clump Crusher because it really did crush clumps, and I like the Super Sizer, but didn’t really notice any super sizing going on, just lengthening, which was still good.

I was on the quest for a mascara that actually kept my lashes curled, and was waterproof for an upcoming wedding. I got a few recommendations for the CoverGirl Lash Blash so I went out and bought it.

I was instantly in love. It gave me exactly what I was looking for. My lashes NEVER stay curled, but now they actually do!! I had heard waterproof mascaras were better for this problem, but didn’t want to deal with getting them off. Now I realize a little extra effort is worth it for great lashes!

Here you can see a before and after of how the Lash Blast Volume makes my lashes look. I apply two coats for so, making sure to get all the lashes on the on the ends. My lashes are super crazy, they go every direction and are all different lengths. With this mascara they look much more even!

While it is a bit difficult to get off, I find using a cleansing oil and just taking an extra minute to rub the lashes really helps. If I notice I haven’t gotten it all I can go in with some micellar water too.

covergirl lash blast mascara

I am so happy with the look this CoverGirl mascara has been giving me, I finally have lashes that look the way I want! I want to try the non waterproof version, as well as some waterproof versions of other mascaras to compare. I have two Tarte mascaras coming up in the rotation, but I’m sure I’ll go back to this Covergirl one always!


14 thoughts on “The Mascara That Changed My Life

  1. Wow, that really worked! I have several CG mascaras, but I haven’t tried this one. Definitely impressive results!

  2. Wow, your lashes look amazing with this mascara!! I haven’t used this one in years. I do love several Covergirl masaras though. I’ll try this one again some time.

  3. WOW, the results look beautiful on your lashes. I remember loving this mascara but I don’t know why I haven’t repurchased it yet… I’ll definitely be paying a visit to the drugstore to get this and fall in love with it all over again. Awesome post and thank you for sharing xo

  4. I’ve never used the waterproof version, but the LashBlast Volume is my JAM! Before I even started beauty blogging, that was my go-to mascara. It’s really fantastic. Everyone always talks about Clump Crusher and a few of their newer ones, but no one seems to remember how awesome this one is!

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