Favorite Books Read in 2015 and Books to Look Forward to in 2016


I read more in 2015 than ever in my whole life. I set a goal, I stuck to it, and I finished it. My goal was 25 books, which I just barely accomplished, but I admittedly got a little lazy here and there. Not all the books were hits, but there were a few that I really loved and would definitely recommend. I thought I’d throw a quick list up of the books I enjoyed reading most this year, and tell you all to read them too! There are so, so, so many books out there, it can be hard to weed through them all and find which ones worth reading. Hopefully this helps! I also am putting in a few books I’m going to be reading right away in 2016.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

I think I can safely say that Wild was my favorite book I read in 2015. I had first heard about the book when the movie came out, and then I saw lots of people around the internet reading it. I loved learning about Cheryl’s struggles over her life and how she was overcoming them to become the person she knew she could be. The movie was good too, but the book was just so powerful.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

My sister suggested I read The Goldfinch because I have a background in art history, and the book circles around a historical painting. While it was very, very long, I enjoyed reading it. I think it could definitely have been edited down to be shorter, but the main story points were intriguing. A few plot twists really surprised me!

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

A book I can read in two days and then miss MUST be a good book. The Girl on the Train was sort of the Gone Girl of this year. Everyone was reading it and everyone was loving it. I got super engrossed in the story trying to figure out where it would lead. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie adaptation!

Spirit of Gin by Matt Teacher

I am a gin drinker, and my boyfriend knows me too well. He bought me The Spirit of Gin for my birthday at the beginning of 2015 and I was SO happy because I’d seen it in stores. The history of gin is super interesting, and it’s so much more fun to drink now that I know more about it. The huge list of gins from around the world in the back has been helpful for me in trying new ones!

Rules of Survival by Nancy Werlin

I could use Rules of Survival to describe the kind of books I love. I love books about people with problems. The story focuses on a young boy, his siblings, and their psychotic mother. It was a bit of a quick read which is always nice to have around.

Honorable Mention:

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

I’m not a huge Lena Dunham fan, but Not That Kind of Girl gave me some good insight into who she really is as a person, and sort of explained some of her weirdness. I’m still not a huge fan, but the book was definitely well written and fun to read.

The Center of the World by Thomas Van Essen

If you’re an art fan, I suggest this book, otherwise you might find it boring. It’s sort of a mystery story about a painting. We follow a few different characters from past and present on the making of the painting and how it ended up in the hands of a NJ man hundreds if years later. Something about it just really struck me, but I’m also an art history nerd.


A few books I’m looking forward to reading this year!

City on Fire by Garth Risk Hallberg

I started reading this book already, but it’s going to take me FOREVER. It’s 944 pages….Loving it so far.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

After loving The Goldfinch, I want to read Tartt’s other very popular book. My sister has been telling me to read it for years.

The Early Stories of Truman Capote by Truman Capote

I’m a huge Truman Capote fan, but he doesn’t have a large amount of well known stories. It will be interesting to read some of his early work.

It by Alexa Chung

I have a few beauty books I want to read, and I also end up flipping through It and never buying it. This will be the year!

Drunk Tank Pink by Adam Alter

I heard about this book on NPR a few years ago and still haven’t gotten around to reading it. I want to read more nonfiction too so this is a good choice!


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