Blogging Goals for 2016

blogging goals

I was thinking about where I wanted to take Plastic Bows in 2016, and then I thought maybe I should actually write it down. Then I thought maybe some of you may want to read it! I love setting goals for myself because it helps me keep on track. It also helps me remember what I’m trying to get done! I have really loved blogging the past few years, and am really happy to see where I’ve come, but I know I can do more!

Prepare Posts in Advance

This is the most important one to me. As I type this, it is 4pm on Tuesday, and I know I want to post it around 11am on Wednesday. That sort of means I have to get it done now, because I know I won’t be working on it once dinner time rolls around. I want to have at least one weeks worth of posts always done, so I don’t have to scrabble to get something together. To do this, I bought a new planner to write out what I’m going to post every day. I also need to remember to take pictures when I’m during the daylight hours. Right now I have about a months worth of photographs taken which is awesome!

Get a Light and Props for Photographs

I want to work on making my pictures look better. Right now I always take my pictures on the weekends when I’m home and it’s light out so I can use natural light. Sometimes it’s cloudy and the pictures come out too dark, or it’s 7pm and I realize I really want to post about something the next day but I can’t take pictures. A small light would be super helpful!

I also want some better backdrop items so spruce up the pictures a little. Right now I use a lot of scarves and clothing, but I’d like some decorative plates and what not as well.

Do More Lifestyle Posts

I’m trying to save up some money this year to go on vacation, plus I’m getting a cat soon so I’ll have to be buying cat stuff. That means I’m going to try to spend less on make up and beauty. Which means I’ll have less to post about. So, I’m thinking about trying to do more lifestyle type posts to fill the time. Any ideas? One of my New Years resolutions was to go more places, so I guess I can document that with some nice photos. Maybe some cooking too?

Research Posts More

I want to give my self more time to write posts so I can really put more effort into them. I think researching posts more will make them more worth while to read, and give readers I better impression of what a product really is. Just saying I like something isn’t actually very helpful. I want to be able to explain in better detail what makes a product truly work well. What are the ingredients? What do they do?

Create More Blogger Connections

This year I’d love to start connecting more with other bloggers as well as companies in a strong way. I am in a small blogger group on Facebook (Hi Girls!) which has been great! I’d love to form relationships with other bloggers for the support and help that it could bring. There are a few companies I’ve worked with this past year, and I really want to keep those relationships strong and form some new ones with other companies I love.


4 thoughts on “Blogging Goals for 2016

  1. These are some great goals. Good luck on them.
    The real reason for me to comment though is that I just wanted to say how much I love photo props. Buying them are so much fun and they are a great way to add personality to ones photos./love Ida

  2. I like your goals! I always seem to have dozens of posts sitting in my drafts folder that I can’t bring myself to quite finish — maybe that’ll be my goal!

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