2015 Skin and Hair Favorites

favorite skin care

Alright it’s finally time for the second part of my 2015 Favorites….all things skin and hair. This year I discovered lots of new skin care that will be a part of my life for a long time to come. It was pretty easy to pick my favorites, because I use so many of them all the time. There are only two hair products in here, but they are very loved. I can be picky about hair, and have a hard time finding things I really like, so 2 items is a good start!

derma e

Derma E Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme

Full Review, originally posted in September Favorites

Sometimes you find a product, and instantly you just know….it’s amazing. My skin tends to freak out on me randomly, I can never find a trend. But one trend I do see is that the Derma E Antiseptic Creme always fixes it. If I’m looking spotty, I slap this on at night, and in the morning my skin is looking more clear. My BF has been loving this too and uses it most nights.

Avalon Organics Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub

Full Review, originally posted in July Favorites

I really love exfoliating…something about scrubbing away that dead skin. I love thick exfoliaters too, I don’t want anything week. The Avalon Organics scrub is super scrubby and feels so good. The lavender scent is refreshing and not over bearing. Just thinking about it I want to go exfoliate.

Michael Todd Organics Citrus Cream Moisturizer

Originally posted in January Favorites

Pictured here is a new bottle of the cream, because when I ran out of it I realized very quickly I was going to need it again. First off, the citrus scent of this moisturizer it out of this world, so fresh and bright. I used this cream mostly at night, since I like to use and SPF moisturizer during the day. I found this cream to be so hydrating, my skin would look so plump in the mornings! Michael Todd makes great products, I’ve loved each and every one.

giovanni clay mask

Giovanni Purifying Facial Mask

Full Review, originally posted in August Favorites

I should go back and see how many times I’ve mentioned this mask. So obviously I had to mention it one more time in my favorites! For days when my skin is looking sad, I apply a thin layer of the Giovanni Purifying mask to get all the gunk out. I always look better the next day. I love using it to spot treat really bad spots too.

Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask

Full Review, originally posted in October Favorites

I’ll always love being tan, I just will. In the cooler months, the Vita Liberata tanning mask is a great edition to my skin care collection to give me just a little glow. It makes the skin look healthy by adding that glow, and hydrating over night. I use it about once a week or so, and haven’t gotten to that point yet where I think I look deathly pale.


Julep What Your Skin Needs Restorative Facial Milk

Full Review, originally posted in December Favorites

I’ve only had this new skincare item from Julep for a little while, but it’s quickly made its way into my favorites. The light weight milky oily hydrates my skin without feeling heavy. Heavy creams can break me out, but I need some serious moisture sometimes. No flakes have been seen since using this product!

StriVectin Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner

Full Review, originally posted in December Favorites

Another skincare love I’ve only had for a short while. I’ve been struggling with large pores on my cheeks for years, and its always bothered me a ton! I’d heard retinol products were good for pores, but they are usually expensive. Luckily for me I had the opportunity to try out the Advanced Retinol Pore Refiner, and well…it works! I use it at night after moisturizer, focusing on my cheeks, and my pores have been much less noticeable.

giovanni avocado shampoo

Giovanni Avocado and Olive Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Full Review, originally posted in August Favorites

I think shampoo and conditioner are the type of thing I rarely really ‘love’, usually they just sort of get the job done. With curly hair, I need a shampoo and conditioner that are hydrating to keep my curls less frizzy.  This shampoo and conditioner together get my hair clean and keep it soft. My hair always looks bad after I wash it (too fluffy) but it looks better than it used to!

Garnier Fructis De Constructed Texture Tease

Full Review, originally posted in October Favorites

I haven’t been using a curling wand or straightener that much the past year, but when I do, I always reach for the Garnier Fructis Texture Tease. When I heat style my hair it tends to look a little too perfect, and I want a more textured look. I hate the way it smells, but for such a cheap price at the drugstore and such an effortless look, it’s pretty great.

first aid beauty face cleanser

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

Full Review, originally posted in June Favorites

This is another product I really need to repurchase. I didn’t realize skin could feel so clean and not dried out from just a cleanser. I usually feel like cleaner that really get the job done make my skin feel like the desert. I was really surprised how the FAB cleanser worked so well. My skin looked really clear when I was using it, which showed me I probably wasn’t getting all my make up off before.


8 thoughts on “2015 Skin and Hair Favorites

  1. A number of your picks are among my 2015 favorites too. Although I love FAB moisturizers, I haven’t had a chance to try the cleanser yet, and I know it’s a favorite with so many women. Hopefully, I’ll get to it this year!

  2. I think I’ve only tried one of the products that were on your favorites list. I want to give the Garnier tease hair product a try. It sounds like a good one for at home hair styling.

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