Julep Restorative Facial Milk

julep skin care products

The last time I decided to order a Julep Maven box, I decided to go with the Modern Beauty option, which includes no nail polish, just other beauty items. The last thing I need right now is more nail polish, and the Modern Beauty box consisted of the Bare Face Cleansing Oil and a new item that looked right up my alley. The Restorative Facial Milk is ‘What Your Skin Needs‘ or it is at least what mine needs now that we’ve (sort of) gotten closer to winter!

julep what your skin needs

The second the weather starts to get colder my skin dries up. On my face it tends to get the most dry on my temples and forehead. I’ve got a number of hydrating products that I use to combat this, but I’m always in the market for another!

Julep’s claim is that you’ll get softer, hydrated skin in 10 second flat. 10 seconds! Well, honestly, that’s pretty true. You can feel the skin drink it up and instantly feel healthy. I use this product at night so it can sink in fully.

julep what your skin needs

Looking at the ingredients, I’m pretty sure there is no milk in here. Instead it’s FIVE amazing oils that help the skin stay hydrated and healthy in different ways.

Jojoba Oil heals skin and locks in hydration
Argan Oil repairs and replenishes skin with essential fatty acids
Coconut Oil calms skin with natural anti-inflammatory properties
Olive Oil keeps skin soft and supple
Squalane (plant derived) absorbs rapidly and helps the entire oil blend go deeper

The product comes in a sleek frosted glass bottle with a pipette. I love the packaging and the pipette dispenses well.

julep skincare

Here you can see that the product really is white, like milk! While it is quite liquidy, it is more similar to an oil than a liquid. Sort of like an oily serum?

julep skin milk

I apply the product all over my face, concentrating more on the areas where I tend to get flaky skin. I’ve been using it a few times a week, not everyday for now. If winter treats (torments?) us with the same weather it did last year I may need to up my application. julep restorative facial milk

I think I’ve found a real winner here, and I’m so happy to have this on hand for the upcoming season. I had a little bit of flakiness on my temples but they are in the past now! Julep has been bringing out so many beauty items that aren’t nail polish, it’s such a huge brand now!


19 thoughts on “Julep Restorative Facial Milk

  1. I grabbed this in my maven box awhile ago and I love the packaging. I definitely prefer using it at night just a couple times a week. I feel like it’s a bit too heavy for my combination skin otherwise.

  2. I have so many skincare products including serums and oils, but you’ve got me convinced that I need this. I’m not a Julep subscriber so I guess I’m not eligible. Do they sell individual products?

  3. Sometimes I forget that Julep has skincare products as well. I just cancelled my monthly subscription because (like you said) I just have wayyy to much nail polish lol This products reminds me of the Jose Maran Pure Argan Milk but at a much better price point.

  4. I use their Bare Face Cleansing Oil and also their Elixir. Elixir is my favorite- even though it’s just pure Argan Oil but I think they discontinued it. This milk looks awesome though- I might have to try it out when I run out of Elixir!

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