Selling Clothes Through Thred UP Part 2

thread up
I finally got an email from Thred Up that my ‘clean out‘ bag had been processed! I kept getting emails from them telling me it was in the works, and they are finally done. I’m not sure it’s normal to take this long, or if they’re just behind right now. The email told me how much money I made and what items they excepted. I don’t remember everything I sent them, so I’m not sure what percentage of my bag was accepted.

thred up

Here is a list of the items that were accepted. I was quite happy to see some of the items I really loved were accepted so that someone else can love them too! The ones that have pictures next to them are already up on the website.

I was worried the items from Urban Outfitters (Lucca Couture and Sparkle & Fade) wouldn’t be accepted because they aren’t major brands. Happy to see the Gap items listed because they had barely been worn.

The only item I was upset to not see accepted was a Calvin Klein dress I’d never worn and still had tags. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be accepted. It was adorable and zebra print and BRAND new!!

thred up

My total for all these items was $20.41. Hah. I know. That’s $2.55 an item! I am really surprised how low this number is, and sort of annoyed. I really have no right to be annoyed though because that’s $20.41 I wouldn’t even have otherwise. That pays for my bus tokens for the week! Better than nothing!

Also this was a lot better a process than going to a consignment shop and watching some chick go through my clothing and have her tell me none of them were acceptable. The whole process was pretty easy.

The more expensive the item, the more money you get, but I don’t buy very expensive clothing.

If I had a number of items in good condition that I thought were worth selling, I’d probably try Thred Up again just because of the ease. Getting $20 for a few items isn’t going to change my life, but it’s an easy way to get rid of things and make a few bucks in the process.

Now I just have to wait two weeks to cash out. Or I can use the money right away to buy clothing from Thred Up, but the point of this was to get rid of things!

Check out Part 1 of me trying to sell my clothes!


4 thoughts on “Selling Clothes Through Thred UP Part 2

  1. Very interesting to read this follow up article about ThredUp. I know now that this is not for me. I would be furious that a dress with tags still on it was rejected and given away. Plus getting $2.50 per item just isn’t worth it to me, I’d rather donate them or try to sell them locally. A fashion blogger I follow sent in a gorgeous CK sweater that she wore twice that I really wanted but ThredUp rejected it and it’s gone. Wish I had known coz I would have bought it from her directly!

    1. I think if I had anything with tags still I would for sure try to sell it locally to get more. For pieces not really worth my time that I know aren’t worth much anyway, this is a good option.

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