Lola Subscription Tampon Service


I saw an add to get a free box of tampons from a subscription service called ‘Lola‘. Since it was free, I figured why not try it out! Subscription tampons was definitely not something I really needed in my life, but the whole look and feel of the company seemed appealing. I entered all my information and received the box just about a week later.

lola subscription

Lola tampons are 100% cotton and come in individual wrapped plain blue packaging. I love that they are pure cotton, I don’t want any junk in my junk. The simple packaging is pretty and also great for slipping into a pocket. I never understood why Kotex makes them neon colors.

The thing that really intrigued me about Lola was the customization. The tampons come in three sizes, light, regular and super. I usually buy light tampons (I know lucky me), but sometimes I need something else and don’t want to buy a whole box!

Each Lola box comes with 18 tampons. I picked 9 light and 9 regular.

lola tampon service

Now, in a sense, these are just tampons that do what tampons need to do. The only thing I noticed was the tip of the applicator was a bit…sharp? Like, it wasn’t the most smooth thing I’ve ever used.

lola tampon

With Lola you can get a box sent to you every month or every two months. I signed up for every two months, but even that is too often, I just don’t go through them that quick.

I think this is a cute idea for a subscription service if you have a busy life and don’t have time to run errands. Or if you’re really forgetful. Or live with a bunch of girls and just always need them on hand. I think I’ll stick to Lola a little longer. For $10 a box it’s a bit expensive, but considering all the good things* it might be worth it!

*good things

  • 100% hypoallergenic cotton
  • BPA free plastic applicator
  • No chemicals, synthetics or dyes
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • MORE

lola sampon service

My only suggestion to Lola is that each box come with a bar of chocolate and bowl of mac and cheese.

Right now you can get your first two box order for $9 (regularly $18)!


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