Current Mask Rotation

favorite masks Once upon a time all I had was the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask. Then I became a beauty blogger. Then I became a skincare fanatic. Then I got lucky enough to start being sent products to try. Then I realized I had 7 masks. That’s one for every day of the week! I’ve only got one face, it’ll take me forever to get through them all! I’ve started to realize how helpful masks can be in a skincare routine. While I probably don’t need 7, I really do use all of these and love them all!

giovanni d tox maskGiovanni D:tox System Purifying Facial Mask

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What It’s Good For: Preventing and treating acne

I’ve probably mentioned this mask a few too many times since I’ve gotten it, but I use it all the time so it’s hard to not talk about. I find clay masks to be way too drying for my skin, but they get the job done in healing acne. This masks has hydrating ingredients as well, so it dries out spots without drying out my whole face. My skin always looks clearer the next day!

origins drink up Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

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What It’s Good For: Hydrating skin

In the winter I tend to get a very dry, patchy forehead. I find normal moisturizer sometimes isn’t enough to cure it. The Origins mask smells like delicious mangoes which is a summery treat in the winter time when I really need this product. I apply a thin layer all over my face and try to give it at least half an hour to sink into the skin before going to bed. In the morning my skin is flake free and smooth. Also great for nights when you’re too tired for a skincare routine or mornings when you’re a little worse for wear.

ren glycol lactic REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

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What It’s Good For: Exfoliating

For one of my more expensive products, I’m so happy this has lasted me quite a while. I have somewhat sensitive skin, so I can’t use this too often because it stings! This is great to use the day before an event because it gets rid of the dead top layer of skin and really brightens the complexion. It’s one of the skincare products I see the most difference with right away.

alba good and clean Alba Botanica Good & Clean Pore Purifying Mini Peel

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What It’s Good For: Quick exfoliating and refreshing

When I feel like I need a quick pick me up in the skincare department, I reach for this one from Alba. Slap a layer on and give yourself 5 minutes. You’ll feel the skin tingling almost right away. I try to use this every other week or so to keep my skin looking clear since my pores tend to get clogged easily.

aztec secret Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

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What It’s Good For: Irritated skin and healing acne

I wish I used this mask more, but it’s a bit messy to mix together, so I save it for relaxing Sundays at home. Mix the clay with a little apple cider vinegar or water if you have sensitive skin. I like to paint it on the face with a brush, then go in with my hands for a second layer on problem areas. This mask will make your face feel very hot and red, but it goes away! When my skin is just feeling irritated or I’ve got a lot of random spots all over, this is my go to. It’s pretty intense, so it really gets the job done and gets my clogged pores looking clean and small!

vita liberata self tanning mask Vita Liberata Selt Tanning Night Moisture Mask

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What It’s Good For: Hydrating and tanning

One of my newer additions, and just in time for winter. Vita Liberata is knowing for their self tanners, and this product is exactly the kind of self tanner I love. Similar to the Origins mask, it’s a hydrating mask you wear overnight, but with a bonus. It’s a gradual self tanner! It smells quite biscuity which I’m not a huge fan of, but it gives me skin a lovely glow. I love using this to keep my skin looking warm and healthy, without being overly tan.

andalou naturals creamy clay mask

Andalou Naturals Blue Geranium Creamy Clay Mask

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What It’s Good For: Spot treating

I find this mask to be quite a pain to wash off, so it’s my go to for spot treating if I don’t need a mask all over the face. If I’ve got just a few problem areas, I’ll apply a layer and let it dry for about 15 minutes. I find spots to appear less red afterward. I love that the tube is small too so I can bring it on trips for emergencies!

favorite masks

What masks do I still need to pick up? I’m running low on two of these which means there will be room on my mask shelf in my bathroom…!


8 thoughts on “Current Mask Rotation

  1. Great post! In fact, last night when I was reaching for one of my million masks, I thought I need to do the same thing. I have very dry skin so not surprisingly the Origins mask that smells like mangoes would be best for me. Sounds like heaven

  2. Wow, would you believe I’ve only tried one of these – Ren! I ended up foolishly applying it when I had acne and that was bad. I am saving it for when my skin gets better.

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