Favorite Cruelty Free Brands

cruelty free brands

I started making a list of a few brands for this post, and figured I’d go back and edit it down to the ones I really really loved. Well I think 6 is as short as it’s going to get, so I’ll keep the descriptions snappy :). I first started to really pay attention to cruelty free brands or Leaping Bunny brands when I heard about The Beagle Freedom Project. I grew up with a beagle, and just cannot imagine someone testing products on one!! In my search for more natural brands, I’ve come across tons that are cruelty free (the two usually go hand in hand). Today I’m sharing with you my favorite brands that are cruelty free, and also mostly very natural.

Andalou Naturals

I discovered Andalou Naturals on YouTube, and quickly started buying up all their products on Vitacost. Luckily you can also sometimes find their goods at Marshall’s. Their products are quite affordable compared to most natural brands, and the range is huge. Anyone can find products that are right for them with this company.

Favorite Products: Pure Pore Serum, Vitamin C Toner, Pore Minimizer Toner, Sunflower & Citrus Shampoo and Conditioner


When the Julep Maven program first started I quickly jumped on the band wagon. I was just started to get obsessed with nail polish and this was the perfect way to expand my collection! Ever since I started using Julep, they have expanded their beauty range a ton. A few of their skin care items and face make up are in my favorites now!

Favorite Products: Bare Face Cleansing Balm, Skip the Brush Blush Stick, Nail Polish in shades Mia, Simone, Penny, Maddy

Burt’s Bees

Probably the company I’ve loved the longest, Burt’s Bees has a special place in my heart. In college their skincare got my face back in order, and now their ever expanding range is always going in my shopping cart at CVS. While some of their products aren’t as natural as they could be, they have some that are so pure and work so, so well.

Favorite Products: Orange Essence Cleanser, Lip Shimmers, Acne Solutions Moisturizer

Mrs. Meyer’s

Here is one that isn’t beauty, but it is still a favorite. Mrs. Meyer’s makes all the cleaning products you need for your house in beautiful scents. The candles are always a good stand by when I need something simple. Dish soap, counter top cleaner…all things everyone needs and uses, so why not use one that is good for you and the environment? I love the lavender scent.

Favorite Products: Everything!


I first heard of Giovanni when scrolling through Vitacost. I tried a few of their products and then they sent me a box full of goodies which has literally changed my life. They have a good variety of products for every hair and skin type, everyone can find something they need! The products are simple, get the job done, and smell oh so good. Don’t believe me? Try the Hot Chocolate Scrub and tell me it’s not your favorite thing ever.

Favorite Products: D: Tox Purifying Mask, Hot Chocolate Scrub, Avocado and Olive Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

Dr. Bronner’s

Oh Dr. Bronner’s…now this should be a household name. My parents used the Peppermint soap back in the 70s, and I still associate the smell of peppermint with my dad. I actually don’t LOVE it for body soap, it’s a bit drying, but I love it for all my other household cleaning needs. The unscented is great for dishes, and the peppermint is great to add some scent to a bath. My favorite is the rose scent to wash my make up brushes. It gets my white MAC 217 looking white again no matter what shadow I use!

Favorite Products: Rose and Peppermint Magic Soap

cruelty free brands

Obviously there are a million other AMAZING cruelty free brands. I’m going to do some research and do another post soon about more brands I love. I’m trying to show how easy it is to use products that are cruelty free and still look beautiful!


12 thoughts on “Favorite Cruelty Free Brands

  1. I have the rose scented Dr. Bronner too, and I love the scent. I agree that I think the soap is a little drying too but I use it from time to time because of the scent. I should just leave it on the counter for my brushes.

  2. These are all lines that sound great. I use some of them but should really use more. I do love Dr Bronners. I have a huge jug of the soap.

  3. Great post! Very helpful 🙂 I didn’t realize Julep was cruelty-free — I don’t know much about the brand, so many that’s why, but I do see it around the internet often 🙂

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