Evening Event Prep

evening make up

I used to absolutely love getting dressed up. Whether it was a Bar/Bat Miztvah back in middle school, a Sweet 16 or Prom in high school…I always had the perfect dress, shoes, bag and hair. These days, I’d rather just wear pajamas most of the time…In a few weeks I have a wedding coming up, and it’s not just any wedding. It’s my cousin Mia’s, black tie, NY wedding. So dressing up is a must! I want to look my best since this is the first fancy event my boyfriend and I have gone to as a couple, and since it’s a family event these pictures will be around for awhile!

make up for event

Playing With Make Up

The nice thing about an evening event is getting to wear make up I wouldn’t normally have a chance to wear. I knew immediately after receiving the Butter London Wardrobe Duo in Moody Blues that the shade Sapphire would be a great shadow to pair with my dress. I’ve been playing around with the shadow since it’s so different than what I normally use. So far I know it works best wet, and needs to be blended out carefully. I’ll be bringing my Naked Basics palette to supplement the look, and of course a black eyeliner. The only thing I still have to figure out is my mascara, I need something with more oomf.


Playing With Hair

I’ve never been good at styling my hair, whether fancy or not. My go to is usually just soft curls with my curling iron, but I want to do something more. I’ve been watching tons of videos from The Small Things Blog and fell in love with this look. I’ve been doing my best to practice it, but my hair is so different from hers, it’s not working too well. I’ll have to keep practicing and fooling around with different products.

julep mia

Picking Out Nail Colors

My dress for the wedding is very sparkly, all beaded, so I’m going back and forth on nail colors. Is shimmery too much with the beads and the jewelry? I sort of fee like I have to wear the shade Mia from Julep, I mean…it’s perfect! If I don’t go with that, I’ll go super simple and wear this nude shade from Butter London. Decisions, decisions.

nine west

Breaking in Shoes

After thinking about it for months, I decided I didn’t like the shoes I had planned to wear. The other week I went to DSW to see if I could find something I liked a little better. I tried on every black high heel in the store, and decided on these very simple ones from Nine West. I wanted a shoe I knew I’d have a chance to wear again, so something simple seemed perfect. Now I have to break them in so I can be comfortable wearing them all night long!

Choosing Accessories

When I went shoe shopping I also went accessory shopping. I decided the earrings I had weren’t sparkly enough, and I needed something more fun and festive. I so rarely wear earrings that aren’t studs these days, so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I popped into Francesca’s, a little boutique at the mall because they always have Buy One Get One 50% off. The sales lady was entirely too helpful and sweet. She helped me pick out some earrings and a bracelet set that would go with my dress but not be too overwhelming against the sparkle of my dress.

I’m looking forward to finally putting the whole look I’ve planned together…I hope it all goes smoothly and looks how I want! I should probably pick up some setting spray too since it will be a long night.


14 thoughts on “Evening Event Prep

  1. Oooooo, can’t wait to see your complete look! I love that shadow shade btw. I’m not a fan of blue, but I got a really similar shade from Colour Pop cosmetics and its so beautiful.

  2. I think I’ve got about 5 pairs of those Nine West pumps in every heel height that they make, and I just love ’em, every pair. They look great but let your dress shine. Yesterday, I finally swatched the Moody Blues Duo and I was surprised at how beautiful and wearable those shades are. I was afraid they were too blue, but not at all. Have a great time. Where’s the wedding? In the city?

  3. I love dressing up but my hair always gives me grief so I just leave it open 😦 I wish I could do some fancy styles (it’s very long so I can probably do a few styles with it).

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