Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Bronzer and Kabuki Brush

vita liberata trystal minerals

Well, here’s a product I felt really unsure of when I got it. What the h*** are Trystals? Self tanning bronzer? What is this science? I reviewed another self tanning product from Vita Liberata just the other day, and to sum that up, I was very happy with the product. I really didn’t think this self tanning bronzer would be for me but…guys…I really like it. Whatever these Trystals are, I’m loving them!

trystal minerals

The Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Self Tanning Bronzer comes with a Luxury Kabuki Brush which I will also be talking about.

The bronzer comes in a plastic jar like most mineral products do with a filter on the top where you tap out the product. I was initially SHOCKED at how dark the color was, which is shade 2. I definitely suggest buying shade 1 if you’re fair skinned, even I would be better of with shade 1, but I’m making it work. The packaging feels a little cheap for the price, but the gold lettering makes it feel a bit more fancy.

vita liberata bronzer and brush duo

I’ll quickly talk about the brush because it’s my new favorite thing. I don’t have a little kabuki brush like this, I didn’t really know how to use it, but I get it now! It’s awesome for bronzer! It seems you can’t buy the brush separately, which is silly, and I can’t seem to find what it’s made of. Which worries me. Because it’s crazy soft. Like so soft.

To apply, I just tap the tip of the brush in a very tiny amount of bronzer (since it’s pretty dark), and lightly apply to the face on the temples, cheeks and a bit on the neck. The brush feels so nice against the skin, and doesn’t tug or drag, applying the product beautifully.

vita liberata bronzer

(Why did I take pictures of dark, powdery tanner on my new rug? Luckily I didn’t get it anywhere)

Here you can see the packaging a bit better, and the color of the product. It’s darker than Nars Laguna which is what I usually wear. I find if a pick up just a drop of product and apply it in light layers it doesn’t seem that dark actually! This is what really impressed me. It was so easy to get a natural looking glow to my skin. If you were talented in the contour department I think it’d be great for that too, but I usually don’t bother.

self tanning bronzing minerals

I probably will put this product away for the season soon as my actual tan starts to fade, but so far I’m loving the glow it gives.

As for the ‘self tanning’ properties? Well it’s hard to say because I’m also using the self tanning mask. That aspect of it just seems a bit gimmicky, I care more about how it looks when I apply it, not when I take it off!


10 thoughts on “Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals Bronzer and Kabuki Brush

  1. I love the Vita Liberate tanning mousse and I’ve wondered if this product is just a gimmick or not. My friend bought it and I must say it does go on beautifully! Maybe I’ll have to give it a try! xo J

  2. Yes, I would call this bronzer unless people are looking to self-tan in streaks, lol. It does look quite dark but I’ve heard really good things about this brand so I’m sure it’ll look great on the right person!

  3. I was just about to say, eeeep what if it spills on the background towel! Thank goodness it didn’t. I love Laguna, though this does look pretty.

  4. I looooove Vita Liberata so much and have tried several of their products, but not this one! It’s on my to buy list for sure. Definitely taking note that I need #1 or I’ll be over here oompa loompaing it up ahahahah. Also, that brush looks super similar to a Too Faced one I got in a little set with the Sun Bunny bronzer. It’s SO soft and looks about the same size, you should see if they sell that separately if you ever need another!

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