Butter London Shadow Clutch and Wardrobe Duos

eye shadow

Jeez, I’m just not on my blogging game! I’ve had a few busy weekends in a row, and now that the sun is setting early I never have time to take pictures!! Luckily I took these photos of the new Butter London Shadow Clutch and Wardrobe Duo eyeshadows when I first got them a few weeks ago. I wanted to test out a bunch of the colors before writing a review, and it looks like it’s finally time! I’ve been loving all of the new releases from Butter London the past few months, and am over joyed to be receiving them!

eyeshadow from butter london

The Butter London Shadow Clutch is a small, plastic, black palette with a pretty, feather like etching. The packaging seems sturdy, and isn’t hard to open.

The Wardrobe Duos come in little cardboard cases. These shadows are meant to be put into the Shadow Clutch for use, so the less sturdy packaging makes sense.

The packaging definitely seems sturdy, but the wear and tear of the mail broke one of the shadows a bit. Luckily the huge pan size means I’ve got plenty of product left to use. And now my palette is sparkly.

shadow clutch

The Shadow Clutch I received is the Natural Charm palette. It contains 6 shades, 3 matte, 3 shimmers. All the shades are very wearable, everyday colors, and work really well together so you can create a number of looks with ease.

I was afraid the shadows would be dry and hard to blend since one broke already, but they are actually quite smooth and easy to work with. I find the shimmery shades to be creamier, and the matte shades to be more powdery.

butter london shadow clutch

Now for the nifty part! Part of the case lifts up. This allows you to move around the shadows, or take some out and put ones from the wardrobe duos in.

butter london shadow clutch

Slip it out….

butter london natural charm

Put a new one in….

butter london shadow clutch natural charm

Ta-da! I LOVE the idea of this for travel. You can make the perfect palette depending on your personal preference and what you’re doing. I have been keeping the original shades in the palette for now, but plan on switching them around for an upcoming event.

butter london shadow clutch

Left to right:

Linen – Matte Vanilla
Quartz – Warm Beige Sheen
Camo – Dark Khaki Sheen
Camel – Matte Nude
Citrine – Coral Sheen
Leather – Matte Chocolate Brown

I absolutely love the shade Citrine, and Camel blends it out perfectly. I haven’t used Camo a lot yet, but I think it is a great fall shade that is a bit different than my usual shades. Leather looks quite dark, but blends out well for a darker look.

fancy flutter, moody blues

Now we have the wardrobe duos. Aren’t they cute! Each duo comes with, duh, two colors. I have Fancy Flutter (left) and Moody Blues (right). The Wardrobe Duos come in more vibrant, not everyday shades. I love the flexibility here. I’m not going to wear a blue eye shadow often, but I love that I can put the shade actually into a more secure palette if I need to bring it with me somewhere.

butter london wardrobe duos

The duos are well designed because the shades complement each other really well, but also go well with the shades that are already in the Shadow Clutch. You could easily do a beautiful look with the two shades in a duo and some of the transition shades in the clutch.

The blue shade matches a dress I’m wearing to a wedding PERFECTLY. I normally wouldn’t ever wear a shade like this, but in this instance is the perfect color. Used dry it isn’t as vibrant as I’d like, but wet…oh it’s so pretty!

The other interesting shade here is the iridescent purpley, cranberry shade. This is definitely one I won’t get much use out of, but it’s so interesting so I’m excited to play around with it.

butter london wardrobe duo

Fancy Flutter

Feather – Beige Sheen
Plume – Chameleon Sheen

Moody Blues

Sequins – Soft Mint Green Sheen
Sapphire – Deep Navy Sheen

The Shadow Clutch Palette and Wardrobe Duos are a fun, innovative way to sell make up. I love how I can personalize the clutch for what kinds of shades I like to wear. I hope they come out with more Wardrobe Duos in shades I like.

The shadows themselves are pretty nice. They aren’t the best I’ve ever used, but they aren’t the worst either. They work fine for my admittedly very basic eye shadow use.



11 thoughts on “Butter London Shadow Clutch and Wardrobe Duos

  1. This is perfect for travel! I love that you can interchange the shadows. The blue and the purpley-cranberry are gorgeous!

  2. Tess, I have to write my review of this palette, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to open up the inside of the palette to switch out the shades. Is there a trick to it that I’m missing?

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