Vita Liberata Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask

vita liberata

Today is one of those perfect fall days. The sun is shining, but the air has a chill to it. You can layer up without being too hot or too cold. Oh fall. Thank you for coming! While fall weather is great, losing my tan I worked ever so hard for all summer (ok not really) is starting to fade. But I LIKE being tan. I know some people embrace their paleness, but I’ve always preferred looking like I’ve just gotten a little bit of sun. Well luckily Vita Liberata has the perfect product to keep my skin looking healthy and glowing without having to be in the sun!

vita liberata luxury tan

The Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask. Woah. We’ve got a lot of good words in that product title. What have you created Vita Liberata!

To quickly explain this product, I’ll compare it to one you’ve probably heard of, the Jergen’s Natural Glow for Face which I blogged about in the first 6 months of my blog career! It hydrates and tans gradually over time with repeated use.

vita liberata self tanning mask

I have been using the Self Tanning Moisture Mask about twice a week for a few weeks. After cleansing, toning, the whole thing, I apply a thin layer and let it sink in for a bit before going to bed. It feels very similar to the Origins Drink Up Mask, which is also an over night mask.

Over night masks are great because they are working all night long while you sleep! You wake up with super hydrated skin that looks oh so healthy. Since this is a self tanning mask, you also wake up with a slight glow to the skin!

vita liberata

At first I thought I was noticing any difference the next morning in the COLOR of my skin, but it was definitely feeling hydrated and healthy. Then I saw someone I hadn’t seen for a few weeks and she instantly commented on how I looked tan! I guess it was working!

I now notice my darker foundation is still blending in with my skin quite well.

vita liberata self tanning night moisture mask

I will continue to use this product weekly through Thanksgiving so I look tan for an upcoming wedding. I might slow down the use for winter because my body will lose its tan.

Tati from Glam Life Guru has also giving this the seal of approval, and she has tried EVERYTHING.

If you’re someone who likes a slight tan, I highly suggest trying this out. I haven’t had a single issue and am loving the results.


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