5 Things: A Fall Checklist

Empty hangers on a clothes rack in deserted cloakroom

1. Cleanin’ Out the Closet

I found a few new fall bits at the Gap Outlet a few weeks ago, and as I put them away in my closet I realized how I desperately need a huge closet clean out. I’ve got tons of clothes I’m just not wearing on a regular basis. I need to clear them out, send them to a better home, and make room for new stuff I’ll actually wear. I’m also trying to clean out my boyfriends stuff, but he’s a little stubborn. I’d love to spend the fall getting rid of not only clothes, but doing a clear out of make up and accessories too.


2. A Nature Walk

I absolutely love the fall weather. A crisp, sunny day…what could be better. There is a park not far from my apartment that has beautiful trails. We spent some time there last fall but then winter came and never left. Then it was the hottest summer EVER. I love when the leaves change color, so I need to go for a walk and soak them up!


3. Pumpkin Bread

I’m so not into that PSL life (Pumpkin Spice Latte) and I’m SO not into that pumpkin spice EVERYTHING life. But, I do like pumpkin. Mostly pumpkin bread. With cream cheese. I love to bake, and I love breakfasty baked goods. I think some pumpkin bread is in order for this fall. Or maybe muffins.


4. A New Lip Color

I’m all about the peachy pink lips, soI really have few fall lip colors. I love raspberry shades and think I need to find the perfect deep raspberry lip shade to rock this fall. Any suggestions? There are a few shades at Sephora I want to swatch, but want to be very careful to pick the perfect shade I won’t get tired of wearing.


5. Warmth

My apartment is cold. My office is cold. I need some warmth in my life. The best way to do that is sweaters and scarves. After my wardrobe clear out I want to pick up a few more cardigans to pair with my current favorite clothes and some new super cozy sweaters. I could use some neutral scarves too. I some how ended up with a bunch of colorful, patterned ones.


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One thought on “5 Things: A Fall Checklist

  1. I need to do a closet clean out too! I feel as if I sometimes get too attached to certain garments and end up wearing them over and over. Yet when I get something new I feel that it has to be kept for sort of proper days out, as it is new so I get stuck in a weird ‘old is always old, new is forever new’ sort of cycle. Argh!

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