A Few Fall Make Up Picks

fall make up

Can you believe it? It’s FALL!! This month really flew by for me since I was barely home. I SHOULD be posting a favorites or empties today, but the end of the month came as a surprise, and I’m not ready yet! Since I have so much make up, I really like to rotate things around seasonally. I don’t need to have every lipstick or blush out since I know I won’t touch some of them. Now that the weather is getting cooler I’m rotating in some of my fall shades. These are just a few I’m sure I’ll be reaching for tons over the next 2 months.

maybelline lust for blush


Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon in Toff

When I first received the Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons in the mail, I thought Toff looked like the shade I’d use the least. It seemed a bit dark and brown for my taste, but when I saw it on my lips I changed my mind! I haven’t had a chance to really wear it yet, but it’s going to be a great fall lip shade.

Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush

Turns out they don’t sell the Maybelline Color Whispers in stores anymore, but you can find most of the shades on Amazon still. I love the formula of these lip sticks. They are very gel like and smooth. Just enough color pay off to look great, but be super easy to apply. Lust for Blush is a light, dusty blush shade. It’s pretty much a my lips but better color, maybe a little darker. It’s a great go to shade to keep on hand when I don’t know what to wear!

china glaze


China Glaze Harvest Moon

When the China Glaze Hunger Games Collection came out oh so long ago, I picked up all the shades I liked. It was the beginning of my nail polish obsession, and my feelings about Harvest Moon haven’t changed. The metallic micro shimmer is my favorite effect. The color is a super orange-y copper shade that just screams fall.

Butter London It’s Vintage

Butter London’s new fall line of shades has something for everyone. The shade It’s Vintage is a rust colored creme. It’s not the most appealing shade on first glance, but once I swatched it, I immediately felt like it was fall. It will compliment the changing leaves and the sleuth of gray sweaters I realized I own. I love having unique shades to pick from because they always get so many compliments!

loreal amber rush


L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Amber Rush

I really could wear Amber Rush throughout the year, but it’s so strongly copper, I feel like it’s just better for the fall. The L’Oreal Infallible shades are super pigmented and glittery, I’m in love. I love the shade Amber Rush all over the lid with just a little light brown in the crease to blend it out. Paired with a nudey pink lip and you’re good to go!

Lancome Color Design Taupe Craze (Mini Palette)

In a Lancome gift with purchase, I received this baby version of the Lancome Taupe Craze eye shadow palette. I’d never have bought the full size for $50, so I’m happy to have this baby one. I love the shades here for fall because they are a bit darker than I normally wear in the summer. The two metallic shades pack a punch, and the middle brown shade is perfect to blend them out. I apply the light beige on the brown bone and the dark brown under the eye.

fall make up swatches

Left to Right: Butter London Toff, Maybelline Lust for Blush, L’Oreal Amber Rush, Lancome Taupe Craze Palette

fall make up 2015

I’m in need of a new fall, rosey toned blush, and I’d like a deep raspberry red lipstick. Suggestions please! Can’t wait to rotate my sweater collection in 🙂


21 thoughts on “A Few Fall Make Up Picks

  1. Great choices! I love both the polishes you picked. TBH I am a dusty-rose-or-nude-lip person so I pretend Fall doesn’t exist, lipstick-wise lol. This Fall/Holiday season, I want to pick up some new brushes, though. I’m bored with my existing brushes.

  2. I can’t believe they discontinued those Maybelline lipsticks! They’ve been on my wishlist for awhile. I guess I should pick up a shade while I still can! I wonder why they’re not selling them anymore. Maybe they’re not doing so well next to the Revlon lip butters?

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