Derma E Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme

acne, derma e

Today I’ve got another skincare review for ya! I don’t buy new make up too often, but these days I’ve been on a huge skincare kick. I must try them all! I had heard about Derma E through the grapevine, but heard a rave review from my favorite YouTuber Kendra about this product, and thought it sounded like exactly what I needed. So happy to discover a new healthy skincare brand, especially one I can get so easily from Vitacost!

acne, derma e
My skin can be all over the place. Because of this, I have a variety of products that combat everything from oily and spotty, to dry and flaky. This month, my skin was just weird. Spotty and red…even though I was using all my usual stuff! Luckily I had just picked up the Derma E Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme. My skin was a prime target.

I originally thought to buy this because of my boyfriend. He tends to get random breakouts, and in true boy fashion, doesn’t like dealing with a skincare routine. I needed a product for him that was easy to use.

acne, derma e

The giant tub is full of a thick, white cream with a strong scent of tea tree. A little goes a long way, so it’s a great value!

After cleansing, toning, the whole sha-bang, I just dot a little of the Derma E cream on the face and massage in. I make sure it give it at least 15 minutes to sink in before hitting my pillow for the night. (Side note: I only use this at night as I prefer a cream with SPF in the morning.)

I use this every other night, or more when my skin looks like it needs it. I think my skin could handle daily use right now since it’s still quite warm out. Once the cold weather hits my skin gets very dry in which case I’d use it less often.

I have used straight Tea Tree Oil before, but I have had some bad experiences. If not used right it can burn the skin. Mixed into this cream is just so much easier! Plus the Vitamin E will encourage healthy skin.

acne, derma e

After one night, I can see red spots are reduced and my skin looks over all more clear. I will use it even when my skin doesn’t look too bad just to prevent anything from popping up!

It’s a great cream for my boyfriend because he can treat and moisturize in one step. With daily use over the past few weeks he has noticed his skin has been much clearer. Last weekend he was away for 2 nights and didn’t use the cream and broke out. Once the Derma E cream was back in his hands he was looking much better!

acne, derma e

If you’ve got acne prone skin, I highly suggest checking out this product for an easy, fast fix. Even for non acne prone skin, it can be a great treatment to keep skin clear and free of bacteria. I’m excited to see how my skin reacts to this product in the long run. I’ve got a wedding coming up in November and want perfect skin for it, obviously!

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13 thoughts on “Derma E Tea Tree and E Antiseptic Creme

  1. Sounds like a great skincare product for those who get breakouts. I still haven’t tried derma e but I’ve gotta since everyone loves it!

  2. I’ve heard a lot of good things about derma e but haven’t tried them. My skin has been crazy lately also – I’ll check into this for next time I get breakouts!

  3. Tea Tree is a fabulous oil to have on hand for us girls who struggle with acne. It helped me a LOT in my teen years! I haven’t used it recently, but it definitely did great things to get rid of zits faster. 🙂

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