Getting Too Excited for Fall

fall fashion

The weather this week, while still in the 80’s has been feeling much more fall like. And I’m getting way too excited. I just want to wear sweaters again pleasseeeeee. I know everyone is fall’s biggest fan, and it totally makes sense. There aren’t exactly fall ‘trends’ I’m looking forward to, but there are a few pieces I’m hoping to pick up in the next few months. I’m hoping to do a huge clothing purge, and replace some bits that I need. Here are some of the types of things I’m looking to get!

To start with the most boring one, I really need a new pair of black jeans. The ones I have now are much more grey than black, and just don’t fit as well as they used too. I’m going to try on some pairs from different stores to find a good fit. For years I’ve always reached for the BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters, but I think it’s time for something more grown up! And less skin tight.

I’ve had a lot of my jewelry for quite some time, and I find I’m just not wearing most of it these days. I need some newer, higher quality pieces that will go with more outfits. Some dainty pieces would be great.

My office is really cold so it’s hard to wear dresses, but as long as it looks good with tights I should be okay. I saw this shift dress from Loft and fell in love. I’m hoping it goes on sale soon, I hate paying full price. I could wear it with black tights, or go without on the weekends. I love the pattern, and love shift dresses. They are so comfy and easy to wear!

I really really want a cheetah print scarf, but I can’t seem to find one that is exactly what I’m looking for. I love cheetah print, and cute scarves are perfect for my cold office! I’m just going to keep checking every store till I find the perfect one.

Some new comfy sweaters that are still chic and work appropriate really need to find their way into my sweater drawer. The goal is to feel like I’m wearing pajamas, but not look like it! I need some that are still going to be warm too (once again, the cold office). I have one from Gap I’m obsessed with, but could use more in lots of colors. Some warm fall shades would be perfect.

I carry a lot with me to work everyday, and I think I need a bigger bag to deal with it all. I’ve seen the Madewell Transport Tote all over the internet and it actually seems like the perfect bag. I already keep a lot of my stuff in small bags, so stuff won’t get lost on the bottom. I need to fit my lunch, a book, a water bottle, probably a sweat, and all the other usual purse items. The Madewell bag is a little expensive for me, so I might have to wait till Christmas….


3 thoughts on “Getting Too Excited for Fall

  1. For me, you can never be “too excited” for Fall…the clothes, weather, hot drinks and comfort foods, and the beautiful colors on the leaves esp at the Blueridge Mountains near Lynchburg, vA!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

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