Beauty by Lauren Conrad

beauty lauren conrad

The last few weeks I’ve been flipping through Beauty by Lauren Conrad. I’ve just kept it on my coffee table and picked it up here and there. I had a bunch of beauty related books on my wish list, and decided to pick up a used, but in perfect condition copy of Beauty to see what it was like. I think it’ll be a great coffee table book for the future, something to pass a long to a friend, and a great blog prop!

beauty lauren conrad

The book is comprised of two parts, Prep and Play In Prep there are lots of tips on ingredients to look for, foods to eat, how much to sleep, knowing what works for you…etc. Lots of great tips for someone just getting into make up and beauty at any age. I was very happy to see a list of ingredients to avoid because I think more people need to realize what they are putting on their face!

There is a section on Stress and a section on Fitness & Food. It is great to see those sections as well because people tend to forget that there is more to beauty than foundation and mascara.

The Play section is full of mini how-tos. There is everything from everyday to party, hair to make up. Lauren does a great job at incorporating different models to show different face shapes, skin colors and hair types. Everyone could find the right look for them.

beauty lauren conrad

After watching numerous YouTube videos over the years, I definitely think a video is a better way to learn how to do make up and hair. It’s a little hard to follow the pictures. For someone just starting out though, this could be a good way to see what kind of looks they should be searching for on YouTube.

beauty lauren conrad

Lauren Conrad definitely believes in the less is more attitude, which I can relate to as well. It would be way too hard to show any complicated look just through photos.

The writing style is conversational and non complicated. It’s very easy to pick up and skim when you’ve got a few free minutes. Lauren Conrad has just enough humor mixed with real facts and tips.

beauty lauren conrad

Overall, I think Beauty is a great book to look back on every once in awhile, but would be ideal for a young girl looking to learn about make up. I luckily had a mom who made sure I never wore too much eye liner or mismatched foundation, but we can’t all be that lucky! Lauren covers all the bases a young girl needs to know.

I found some of it a little…ridiculous. Like apparently she never wears eyeshadow, and blow drys her hair everyday? It’s hard to take tips from someone who is not really the every person. So take it all with a grain of salt, and use the tips you can!


18 thoughts on “Beauty by Lauren Conrad

  1. You’re going to laugh, but I don’t know who Lauren Conrad is! Also, I don’t think I’ve ever read a beauty book, but sounds like fun to flip through it for relaxation 🙂

  2. She never wears eyeshadow? I think that’s one of those things celebrities say, but isn’t really true. I’m sure she’s wearing eyeshadow for TV appearances and red carpet events.

  3. I’ve always admired Lauren Conrad, she has been incredibly successful in all her business ventures and remains a positive role model. I have the Beauty book and I think it’s good for a reference now and then, especially for girls just starting to get interested in beauty.

  4. Thank you for this beauty book review…I think will take a look myself! I am a big fan of checking out her website!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  5. I never watched her show and was surprised to learn she became someone that people look up to as a beauty icon. But I can see buying it for a teen to begin learning about cosmetics and skincare.

  6. I love Lauren Conrad. I think she has great beauty style and fashion style for sure. I am not sure that she doesnt wear eyeshadow, maybe not a full eye of eyeshadow but for sure a wash of color. She rocks eyeliner so i would think she has too. Either way I love her!! Great review!

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