Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen

alba botanica hawaiian sunscreen

I already mentioned this in my favorites post for July, but I wanted to give it it’s own full review, since I’m sure I’ll be wanting to link back to it a lot. We all know SPF is like THE most important thing on earth. (Or is that water? Air?) And I finally got around to picking up a more natural alternative for my summer 2015 SPF of choice. I’ve seen this bright yellow tube from Alba Botanica around before, and thought it seemed like the perfect place to start, especially because of the price tag!

alba botanica hawaiian sunscreen

Alba Botanica makes a number of great skincare items that target specific needs. It used to be a harder to find brand, but I’ve seen it at CVS and other drugstores recently so it’s much easier to get your hands on. I picked my tube up form Vitacost where it’s a bit cheaper, but I’ve also seen it at Marshall’s for the same price.

The packaging is a simple tube design that is easy to get the product out of. I like the tubes this style because the product doesn’t need to be shaken out when it starts to get low. The bright yellow, green and blue colors make it very eye catching and summery!

It says right on the tube that this SPF is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Can’t get better than that, right?

alba botanica hawaiian sunscreen

The scent of the Hawaiian Sunscreen is Revitalizing Green Tea. It has a light, sweet scent to it, nothing like the usual coconuty scent sunscreen has. I love the smell, and find it fades quickly. SPF 45 is perfect for everyday use as well as the pool. I don’t burn too easily, but if you do, maybe a higher SPF would be better. I haven’t had any issues with it not working as well as chemical sunscreens after a full day of use going in and out of the pool.

Compared to conventional, chemical sunscreens I used to use, I don’t really notice any major difference in performance. Since this option from Alba is free of parabens and phthalates, it’s definitely the better choice!

I found the formula made my skin very shiny (which is actually a fine look by the pool.) I also noticed when I went in the water I could sort of feel how slippery my skin was. The product definitely sits on top of the skin. This wasn’t too much of a problem except my eyes got a little irritated after going in the pool. I think the product got into my eyes.

natural sunscreen

I don’t expect and SPF to do much. I need protection, and I don’t want it to irritate my skin. Well, that’s exactly what the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen is doing for me! I haven’t gotten a sunburn while using it, and no weird rashes or irritation. I think I want to try the spray kind next!

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4 thoughts on “Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen

  1. I haven’t tried the sunscreen yet but I like the body lotion & lip balm but not the cleanser that stings my eyes.

  2. I’m a huge fan of scented sunscreens. That’s why I use SolScents most of the time. Though it can be kind of an issue if you’re walking in a woodsy area where there’s a lot of bugs! Alba Botanica’s packaging is always so pretty and bright. They kind of remind me of Amika in that way. It’s very cute!

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