August Julep Maven Box 2015

august julep maven

I haven’t purchased a Julep Maven box in forever. I’ve got entirely too much nail polish at this point, so I kept skipping boxes. This month I decided to treat myself and try out some new colors. I was excited about the shades in the Classic With a Twist box, as well as the new stick blush. I’m usually very happy with the formula of Julep polishes, but sometimes the colors in the boxes don’t intrigue me. It’s always fun getting nail mail though, I should just buy boxes more often.

julep penny

Julep Penny– ‘Burnished, bronze metallic’ I have a very similar color from Essie (Penny Talk) but this Julep one is a completely different finish. I love these super metallic polishes. I now have this finish in bronze, silver and gold!

Ugh this picture is blurry and I can’t be bothered to take another.

Julep Ann- ‘Passion punch ghost shimmer crΓ¨me’ I was SO excited to get this color. Online it looked amazing. In person, it looks darker, and very similar to another shade I have. Applied to the nails it looks cute and summery, but I wish it was more true to the swatch I saw on the Julep website.

Also, really Julep, ANOTHER Ann? There’s already a shade name Anne, Queen Anne, Annemarie…come on. MAKE A NAIL POLISH NAMED TESS.

julep penny, julep ann

Here I used both Ann and Penny for a manicure. I really love Penny, and can’t wait to use it all over the nail. I’ve been having trouble with the top coat I bought recently, so any bubbling is due to that, not the polish. I love how the shades look together.

julep blush

It’s been pretty hit or miss for me on Julep beauty products. I’m loving the brow gel I got a few months ago, and loved the lip balm I got in my first box. Others have just been so so. I’m happy to say I’ve got a beauty winner this month!

julep skip the blush

Julep Skip the Brush Cream to Powder Cheek Stick in Peony Pink– Peony Pink is a true medium pink with pearlescent shimmer. I dot a pit onto the apple of my cheeks and blend in upward. So the whole point is to skip the brush, but I actually prefer to use a brush because then I get sparkles on my hands. Plus I already have a brush, why not use it?

The color blends amazingly and sheers out to the perfect amount of pink. I thought the pearly shimmer would look too frosty, but it actually gives a really nice glow. I’m considering getting the other shade, Golden Guava as well!

julep august 2015

Julep usually throws some goodie into the box as well. These are temporary tattoos! They are a little small, but it will be fun to throw one on for a party or something!

Check out the entire August Maven box here.


15 thoughts on “August Julep Maven Box 2015

  1. Pretty colors that are good anytime. And I love the temporary tattoos I got from Tribetats – they’re so much fun

  2. I love these temporary tats especially the leaf design. I would definitely wear it πŸ™‚ I’m debating about getting a perm tattoo with a leaf design but there’s something so cool about gold temp tats πŸ™‚

  3. I don’t subscribe to this because I am not a fan of julep but I got similar tattoos from another company that I am going to review in the next week or so. I do like the color of the stain, though

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