July Empties 2015

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Another month, and I’ve got some empties for ya! Good thing too, because I’ve acquired a few new goodies this month, so I’ve gotta make room! This month there are a few favorites and a few, just alrights. I thought I’d have a really light empties month, but I also seem to finish at least 5! Let’s hope I can do that again for August.

maybelline mascara, first aid beauty cleanser


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (May Favorites)

I went really back and forth on this mascara, and am still unsure of where I land. At first I found it too wet, too impossible to get off and little hard to apply. Then it dried out just a bit, and it looked great! (Hence the May Favorites mention). For my hard to curl lashes, this was a miracle worker. I’d never seen my lashes look so good. Then it quickly became very clumpy, and was still hard to get off. I loved the look it gave, but I seriously think I had mascara on 24/7 for 3 months straight.

First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser (FAB Review)

I ended up going through this SO quick because I started using it as my daytime and night time cleanser. My skin feels so damn clean when I use this, it’s awesome. My skin was very clear and gunk free while using it. I think I’m definitely going to need to purchase the larger size soon.

Astara Natural Skin Care Daily Refining Scrub

I can’t believe how long this little sample lasted me. I received this natural scrub from a Goodebox. It’s weird because I hated the other Astara item, but LOVED this scrub! It’s super duper scrubby. I actually had to double check it was for the face. A small amount when a long way. I used it twice a week to scrub my face. This is great for pores that get clogged easily or flaky skin.

john frieda, chi, keratin


John Frieda Frizz Ease Secret Weapon (Most Used Hair Products)

I recently mentioned this in a Products I Should Repurchase post, because the second I finished it I realized I really needed to get another. I mentioned in that post this is my longest repurchased beauty buy. Curly haired girls, you need this. The product is a light weight cream you can put in dry hair. I would use this when my hair was looking frizzy to gives curls something to hold onto.

CHI Keratin Mist

Well this GIANT bottle lasted me…three years? Oh god, maybe more. Too much Keratin can make hair dry and brittle, so I didn’t really use it too often. It’s also hard to say if it worked. I would usually use this when I straightened my hair because it helped it stay straight. I would also every other week or so try and remember to just spray some in my wet hair. I’m trying to keep my hair healthier, so I thought this might help keep it strong longer. No idea if my hair is really any stronger.

products ive used up

There you have it folks! That’s my trash for the month. Did you use up anything you’ll miss?


7 thoughts on “July Empties 2015

  1. I hear nothing but raves about the FAB cleanser. One of these days if I ever run out of cleanser I have to try it. And I haven’t tried the Frizz Ease you used, but I love 3 Day Straight for my coarse and frizzy hair

  2. In July, I both used up things, and decided to throw away things I didn’t love. I feel so much lighter now! However, I haven’t written an empties post all year, so I’m not sure why I keep documenting it with pictures and everything. Maybe a huge half-yearly clean out post instead?

  3. Aww I hate mascaras like that! I felt the same way about the CoverGirl Flamed Out Mascara–it was too wet, then just right, but that “perfect” window was too short before it got all dried out and unusable! Such a shame.

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