Jeffrey James The Eye Gel

jeffery james eye

So I have this big bin in my closet where I keep all my back ups and excess of skin care and hair care products. When I run out of something I go rummage through the bin and pull something new out. While rummaging I came across this small white, glass jar. OH YEAH. I forgot I had that! A long time ago I bought this jar of eye gel from Jeffrey James. I used it a bit but then threw it back in the bin to use something else. Well, now it’s back out and in the rotation. I bought another eye cream recently, so I’ve been alternating between the two.

jeffery james

From Jeffrey James: “Cool as a cucumber, yet don’t be surprised by a gentle tingle. Hyaluronic acid, cucumber and periwinkle are stimulating collagen, refining the appearance of fine lines and restoring elasticity & firmness to the skin around the eyes.”

 Cool, yet tingly, Jeffrey James really knew what they were talking about. This gel has a light, refreshing cucumber scent which doesn’t irritate my eyes and feels cooling. I dab a little around the eye area and I feel a slight tingle. Not really a stinging sensation, just some tingle. I actually like it!
Hyaluronic Acid is one of my favorite ingredients these days, and is doing wonders. I’ve mentioned before I get milia around my eyes but the gentle exfoliation of the acid is helping it diminish. I can’t see any on one of my eyes!

jeffery james the eye gel

I love the gel formula because it dries so quickly. I’ve had problems before with eye products not sinking into the skin. I can dab a thin layer of this under my eyes and continue with skin care and make up.

I tend to look a little puffy in the mornings, so I always make sure to use this to smooth things out. I use eye products mostly for prevention, so I’m not expecting to see too many results day to day. For now, I’m loving how it feels and the fact that it isn’t irritating.

The product comes in a glass jar with a plastic top. It feels sturdy, is easy to open, and get the product out of.

jeffery james the eye gel

I feel like this product will last me such a long time since so little is needed. At least I hope it does because eye creams are expensive! I’m happy I tried out an eye gel because I think it feels so much better on the skin.

Also, that’s two for two on loving Jeffrey James products. I bought both of mine from Marshall’s, so hopefully I’ll see the brand pop up again soon.

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6 thoughts on “Jeffrey James The Eye Gel

  1. Someone else mentioned Jeffrey James the other day. I wasn’t familiar with this brand. But i’m a big fan of eye gels, and this one sounds perfect for summer!

  2. I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one that keeps a storage bin full of products, I have a cupboard where I keep everything. Every now and then I will need a specific product, like the other night I was using my 3x mirror and noticed my blackheads were out of control. I thought I must have something for that and sure enough I found a great clay mask just waiting to be dug out. It’s like having my own little store in my house.

  3. This stuff sounds really nice! I’m a sucker for hyaluronic acid too! I’m sure this would be amazing & cooling in summer!

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